Germany Loses Silver Medal Following Drug Test at European Championships

Julia Krajewski and Samourai du Thot. Photo by Libby Law Photography.

Following news earlier in the week that Julia Krajewski’s horse Samourai du Thot tested positive for the controlled medication Firocoxib during the 2017 FEI European Championships at Strzegom, the B-sample has also been confirmed as positive.

The German Equestrian Federation (FN) confirmed in a statement that Julia and Samourai du Thot will be disqualified from the 2017 FEI European Championships. Julia and the other members of the German team, Michael Jung, Ingrid Klimke and Bettina Hoy, will subsequently lose their team silver medal.

The FEI classifies prohibited substances under two different categories. Banned substances are deemed by the FEI to have no legitimate use in competition horses and/or have a high potential for abuse. These substances are not permitted by the FEI for use in competition horses at any time.

Controlled medications are substances deemed by the FEI to have therapeutic value and/or commonly used in equine medicine. Controlled medications are viewed by the FEI as having the potential to affect performance and/or be a welfare risk to the horse, and thus are not allowed to be used in FEI competitions.

The non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug Firocoxib, known by the trade names Equioxx and Previcox, is classified as a controlled medication by the FEI. Because it is not a banned substance, Julia will not face a competition ban.

Julia has 21 days to decide if she will pay a sanction to the FEI or appear before the FEI Tribunal to explain her case. As Julia explained in an extensive statement, she has currently not been able to determine how Samourai du Thot ingested the Firocoxib.

Following the German team’s disqualification from the 2017 FEI European Championships, Sweden will move up to receive the silver medal, with Italy moving up to take the bronze medal.