Sweet Carolin(a): Day Two Social Media from Carolina International

I almost feel as if we all get a bit spoiled when events start on Wednesdays; why wait for Friday to get the fun started? I’m loving following along with all of the Carolina International coverage, and it’s definitely a good thing when there are still three more days of action left from North Carolina. With that said, here are some more snippets from social media from day two:

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The second day of dressage is underway at the 4th Carolina International! #CICIC #carolinainternational #wherethebestcometowin

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Who's ready for show jumping tomorrow? The Golden Knights will be "dropping" in during the lunch break! #wherethebestcometowin #carolinainternational #CICIC

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It's tough to be CR… #CICIC #naptime #workhardplayhardsleephard

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Favian and Willie Wiggins having a big #discussion about #cicic over a blade of grass #bromance #gossip #horses

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