Thursday News & Notes from Nupafeed

Charlotte teaching dad about yoga! Photo via Will Coleman Equestrian FB.

Yesterday, I went to work with my OTTB, Turkey, after he had some time off through the holidays (whoops!) and he’s been eating all this lovely alfalfa and gaining weight, and he got his neck chiropracted, so he’s feeling great. A little too great. In fact, he was bucking and rearing and pronging around so much on the lunge line, I realized that I’m in big trouble! If he ever does that under saddle I’ll be shot to Timbuktu! Let’s just say I love lunge lines right now.

National Holiday: National Step In A Puddle And Splash Your Friends Day (real life y’all)

U.S. Weekend Preview:

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News From Around the Globe:

The E25 Training Sessions with Leslie Law are well under way in Ocala, FL. With some tough days of dressage behind them, they moved on to jumping, with more challenges on the way. The overall message? “Seize every opportunity—you can’t ever stop trying to be better because the reality is you’re never good enough,” Law said. “There are so many ways to learn, and I think it depends a little bit on the type of person you are and how you learn.” [Seizing the Opportunity with Leslie Law]

Interested in working with OTTBs in one of the best organizations in the country? You’re in luck! Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center is hiring interns! MMSC is the gold standard in thoroughbred reschooling. Based at the Kentucky Horse Park, their horse centered reschooling program ensures that every horse adopted out has a solid foundation and goes to the right home. They do a lot of groundwork, desensitization, therapies and under saddle work. A barn intern would have the chance to be hands-on and learn what goes into correctly retraining thoroughbreds, as well as what it takes to run a busy barn! [Apply Here to Be MMSC Intern]

Sadly, Mary King’s amazing mother passed away this week. Mary’s mom, Jill Thomson, was thoroughly un-horsey, but went out of her way to help Mary on her way to greatness in a sport that was quite foreign to her. From forcibly removing her IV drip at the hospital in order to drive the lorry to competitions for Mary, to caring for her children during injuries, Jill was a powerhouse and a legend in her own right. [Mary King’s Mother Honored]

“At my old job, men at the executive level wouldn’t bother to learn my name. They’d call me ‘pencil skirt,’ ‘pretty girl’ or ‘Hey, you with the good face!’ I guess those hard times did prepare me for my new life on the show pony circuit as a very pretty show pony because I’m getting the same lines over and over again. I guess in that way the corporate world has prepared me well for life as an award-winning filly.” [I Was Told I Was Too Pretty To Be A CEO. Here’s Why I Became A Show Pony Instead]

Hot on Horse Nation: Confession to My School Horse

The Badminton countdown begins: