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Oh. My. God.

Ok, so my horse took off half his face in the trailer ride to Kentucky (cool, bro) BUT once he actually got to the park, I took him on two rides and he was totally relaxed and chilled out for both of them! We got to school in all the arenas, and hack around the outside of the cross country fence and even walk by some of the permanent 4* fences. Most importantly, we got to walk down the pathway into the Rolex Arena, and I could barely contain a smile from my face. He doesn’t even know how cool it is to be able to do that.

National Holiday:  National Taco Day

Major Events This Week:

Morven Park CIC & HT: WebsiteEntry StatusRide Times, Live Results

U.S. Weekend Preview:

Kent School Fall H.T. [Website]  [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

WindRidge Farm Fall H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Middle Tennessee Pony Club H.T. [Website] [Entry Status/Ride Times/Live Scores]

Heritage Park H.T. [Website] [Entry Status/Ride Times/Live Scores]

Willow Draw Charity H.T. [Website] [Entry Status/Ride Times/Live Scores]

Woodside C.I.C. & H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Spokane Sport Horse Farm H.T. [Website] [Entry Status/Ride Times/Live Scores]

The Event at Skyline H.T. [Website] [Entry Status/Ride Times/Live Scores]

News From Around the Globe:

Osberton Horse Trials raised £7,120 toward Jonty Evans’ rehabilitation last weekend. Jonty was the guest of honor of Osberton’s third annual Equestrian of Sport fundraiser evening, where he was met with cheers and a standing ovation. “My long term goal is to ensure we have provision set up for when accidents such as Jonty’s occur,” said Stuart Buntine, Director of BEDE Events. “we operate in a dangerous sport and we must do all we can to support our athletes.” The event’s headlining CCI2* competition was won Izzy Taylor with Conguistador II; she also placed third on Liscarrow Conista. [H&H: Jonty Evans walks into his own fundraiser, eventing fans amazed]

Several successful 2018 WEG equestrians are now up against a new contest. The USOC’s Team USA monthly awards feature a smattering of equestrians across three categories: Laura Graves and Rebecca Hart for Female Athlete of the Month, McLain Ward for Male Athlete of the Month, and the U.S. Show Jumping Team for Team of the Month. Go vote! [Team USA Best of September 2018]

Best of the Blogs: Area III eventer and EN essayist Katherine McDonough’s horse Red has been out with an abscess for a couple weeks, but Katherine recently went and one-upped him by tearing a tendon in her ankle. Smack dab in the middle of event season, and with 96 days between surgery and a two week hiking trip in New Zealand that she’s been planning for ages. Katherine’s horse friends immediately stepped up to lend a hand, and she has now started a blog: “I’ve never done a blog before. I thought it might be a way for me to help myself along the way. Provide an outlet. Keep me accountable. To log the victories and defeats. And when I’m feeling down, I can look back at where I was and how far I’ve come in the process.” Here’s to a swift recovery, Katherine! [96 Days]