Thursday Video from Nupafeed: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Six Rules for Success

Arnold Schwarzenegger is many things: actor, filmmaker, former professional bodybuilder, politician, businessman, philanthropist…the list goes on. Equestrian is generally not included on his CV (though there is that great chase scene from True Lies) but when it comes to sports psychology and motivation we can still learn a thing or two from high achievers in other areas and apply them to our own discipline.

Since graduation season is currently upon us and competition season is in full swing, it’s a perfect time to throw it back to this commencement address delivered by the then-Governor for the University of Southern California in 2009. Listen to Mr. Schwarzenegger’s speech in the video above, which was edited over music and equestrian video by YouTuber Roxykavallina, for his six rules for success. You can also read the full transcript of the speech here.