Weekend Results Roundup: Heart of the Carolinas, MCTA, Poplar Place, Skyline

Badminton may have had the international spotlight this weekend, but the feel-good three-day event of the year was unfolding elsewhere, at Southern 8ths Farm in Chesterfield, South Carolina. The facility hosted the eighth annual Heart of the Carolinas Three-Day Event & Horse Trials, the only event offering riders the chance to contest a USEA recognized traditional long-format event at all four levels of Beginner Novice, Novice, Training and Preliminary.

Join us in issuing a job well done to the event’s hardworking organizers, a big thank-you to sponsors and volunteers, and a hearty congrats to competitors. A great time was had by all at this destination three-day — consider putting Heart of the Carolinas on your event calendar next year!

One shout-out, and then we’ll move on to a roll call of event winners. The honor of lowest finishing score in the country this weekend goes to Conor Rollins and On Target, who scored a 24.8 in Open Novice at Heart of the Carolinas. Way to go, Conor!

Weekend Winners:

Heart of the Carolinas 3DE & H.T. [Website] [Results]

Beginner Novice Three-Day: Brenda Hutton & WYO Dun Maid (27.7)
Novice Three-Day: Audrey Wiggins & Spookhill At Last (28.5)
Preliminary Three-Day: Jodie Potts & Wapiti Byrd (41.0)
Training Three-Day: Mary Clare & Furl the Main (33.7)
Open Preliminary: Danielle Dichting Busbee & Fernhill Allure (28.5)
Modified: Emma Reid & Love Like Crazy (35.5.)
Open Training: Paytin Schaeffer & Fernhill Tito (29.5)
Preliminary/Training: Dana Cooke & Master the Moment (34.4)
Open Novice: Conor Rollins & On Target (24.8)
Open Beginner Novice: Chelsea Kang & Daffy Doozies (28.9)

MCTA H.T. [Website] [Results]

Saturday Open Advanced CT: Lindsay Kelley & Cooley Cruise Control (40.9)
Saturday Open Intermediate: Boyd Martin & Contessa (35.7)
Saturday Jr/YR Open Preliminary: Joe Bowersox & Minotaure du Passoir (45.4)
Saturday Open Preliminary A: Chris Talley & Faramund (30.2)
Saturday Open Preliminary B: Boyd Martin & Ringo Star (31.1)
Sunday Open Preliminary: Nora Battig-Leamer & Little Miss (35.2)
Saturday Open Modified: Kristen Gray & Corsen SR (36.4)
Sunday Open Modified: Cindy Anderson-Blank & Wahoo Legal (34.1)
Saturday Jr/YR Open Training: Katelyn Duda & More Ways Than One (33.1)
Saturday Open Training A: Mackenzie Williams & Get Serious (29.5)
Saturday Open Training B: Kim Severson & Exclusively Cooley (33.3)
Sunday Jr/YR Open Training: Delaney O’Neil & An Irish Blessing (27.6)
Sunday Open Training A: Michael Pendleton & Espri Fidele (33.3)
Sunday Open Training B: Emily Beshear & Templewood (30.2)
Saturday Open Novice: Holly McEwen & Cool Jack (36.4)
Sunday Open Jr/YR Novice: Meredith Chance & Bell Of The Ball (31.9)
Sunday Open Novice A: Lindsay Kelley & Cooley Romance (32.4)
Sunday Open Novice B: Susan Gallagher & Chacco Chip (31.2)
Sunday Jr/YR Open BN: Christina Welch & We Will (31.3)
Sunday Open BN: Noa Crowley & Charlie’s Angel (32.4)

Poplar Place Farm H.T. [Website] [Results]

Intermediate/Prelim: Leslie Law & JKF Vogue (33.9)
Intermediate Rider: Melanie Smith & Shakedown Street (46.0)
Open Intermediate: Leslie Law & Harthill Diamond (30.3)
Open Preliminary: Jonathon Holling & Sportsfield Two Doors Down (32.6)
Preliminary Rider: Savannah Blackstock & Garryndruig Albie (33.1)
Open Training: Julie Richards & Fernhill Copas (25.0)
Prelim/Training: Katelyn Finch & Rocket Man (51.4)
Training/Novice: Haley Hughes & Roanoke II (31.7)
Training Rider: Brie Murray & Fernhill Disco (30.0)
Novice Rider: Carrie Stryker & Just For Today (30.2)
Open Novice: Julie Richards & Beaulieu’s Cecelia (27.6)
Beginner Novice Rider: Sher Schwartz & Gorse Hill Gem (31.9)
Open Beginner Novice: Jessica Shull & Free Radical (31.4)
Starter: Samantha Halo & Hosanna (38.0)

The Event at Skyline H.T. [Website] [Results]

Intermediate / Preliminary: Emma James & Marley (49.2)
Preliminary: Erin Hofmann & Darkwatch (25.7)
Prelim / Training: Lucy Hawes & Uluru (35.6)
Training: Bajian Fernald & Young American (27.1)
Novice-A: Andrea Wilcox Brown & Clark (AKA) Superman (26.4)
Novice-B: Julianne Calder & Lismore (36.9)
Beginner Novice-A: Tara Miller & Adonis (30.0)
Beginner Novice-B: Lindsay Wagner & This Lad Is Gold (26.9)
Beginner Novice-C: Sophia Hardesty & San Marco (21.9)
Intro: Rosie Smith & Peppered Peregrine (36.1)

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