Weekly OTTB Wishlist from Cosequin: Helping Our California Friends

Donated supplies collected through CANTER California. Photo via CANTER California on Facebook.

It’s impossible to think about Thoroughbreds right now without thinking of those most affected by the current wildfires in Southern California. Nearly 500 horses displaced from the charred San Luis Rey Downs Training Center are currently residing at the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club and Santa Anita Downs. Their grooms, many of whom have lost everything, are with them and without those grooms many of the horses who escaped the blaze may not have been so lucky.

In addition to helping the horses, CANTER California is working to assist those horsemen and women — the #HeroGrooms — who were victims of the fire as well. Over the weekend they held a supply drive at the California Retirement Management Account (CARMA) Thoroughbred Classic Horse Show and are working with other organizations to aid the affected jockeys and grooms. If you’d like to support their endeavors you can do so by donating to the California Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Foundation or the Winner’s Foundation.

CANTER California also plans to make their website available for longer-term displaced or unclaimed horses from the wildfire in order to ensure their photos and descriptions are shared.

For now, here are three current CANTER California horses (who also all happen to be RRP eligible!) looking for second careers:

Photo via CANTER California.

Ace On The River (Awesome Gambler – Hi Rythm, by Bertrando): 2013 16.1-hand California bred gelding

Here’s a really lovely-looking gelding with a solid build and a kind eye who seems like he’d be a natural jumper. Can’t you picture him making a super shape over fences? “Ace” was a fairly mediocre racer in his sixteen starts, but his trainer thinks he’ll excel at a different career. He’s reportedly sound and is a pleasure to work with on the ground, plus he’s handsome as heck – what’s not to like?

View Ace On The River on CANTER California.


Photo via CANTER California.

Private Tanner (Oh Tanner – Private Quaters, by Devil’s Bag): 2011 15.3-hand California bred gelding

Fans of short-coupled horses, this one is for you! The CANTER volunteers call this dark bay gelding a “go-kart model” and we can picture him zipping around a cross-country course for sure. At six years old, “Tanner” is still going strong and has 44 starts with the most recent being just this past weekend! He’s not placing quite as well as he used to, but even with his long career his legs are looking clean and seems ready to try something new.

View Private Tanner on CANTER California.


Photo via CANTER California.

All That Rocks (Rocky Bar – Allforyou, by Society Max): 2010 16.2-hand Arizona bred gelding

This big guy did pretty well for himself on the track, earning over $55,000 in 27 starts. “Rocks” is sound with no vices and is ready to be your next sport horse prospect. With his big bones, he might even get mistaken for a warmblood. Rocks has a nice trot and a dose of spunk, as you can see from his video. Thought he may be a little older he still seems game for whatever next for him!

View All That Rocks on CANTER California.