A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words: Meet the Skirt-less Winner of EN’s Fairfax & Favor Wardrobe Malfunction Contest

We always knew our Wardrobe Malfunction Photo Challenge with Fairfax & Favor would be a hoot, but we also know our #GoEventing community is a nutty one full of good sports — and you all certainly took it up a notch for this one!

After Melissa Mayo became the overwhelmingly convincing winner of the contest, which was decided by reader vote, we decided we needed the full story behind the photo that speaks more than a thousand words:

Photo courtesy of JJ Sillman.

Melissa, the blessed soul she is, obliged us by providing us the full photo gallery and video of The Incident.

“It was the Kentucky Classique Beginner Novice Classic Three-Day in 2018,” Melissa told EN. “Skipping Class is an 2004 off-track Thoroughbred mare, also known as Ginger. I had always wanted to do a Classic Three-Day and she came home from a lease three months before this one.”

Determined to do a Three-Day with her mare, Melissa got to work getting the both of them into shape. “I had been so worried about what to wear for jogs,” she said. “I kind of wanted to slide by (not over nor under dressed). I’m a little socially awkward so didn’t want to be ‘the one they talk about’ [here she inserts 15 cry-face laughing emojis]. Apparently all my fitness training leading up to the event helped me lose more weight than anticipated…and…my skirt fell down. Thank the good Lord above for Spanx!! I sewed my skirt to my shirt for the second jog.”

But, we’re happy to report, not all was lost: “We worked really hard and got both of our backsides in shape in time. We finished eleventh on our dressage scored and won the Best Fitness Award. They also made a ‘Sportsmanship’ award for my wardrobe malfunction!”

While we can’t promise a shiny new pair of Fairfax & Favor Regina Boots will keep Melissa’s frock from falling again, we can at least guarantee that any future wardrobe malfunctions will have some extra flair thanks to the new footwear. Thanks for being a good sport Melissa (who, by the way, also went on to be Mrs. July in the Sh!tEventer 2021 calendar — honestly, you can probably retire on that note!), and as always, Go Eventing (and Spanx).