Thursday Video: You Might Recognize the Location in This New Eventing-Centric Movie

There’s a brand new horse movie in town, and eventing enthusiasts watching are likely to recognize one of the filming locations: the much-loved Full Moon Farm in Carroll County, Md. Hope’s Legacy, the sequel to the 2016 film Christmas Ranch, picks up approximately 15 years after Christmas Ranch and finds Lizzy (Taylor Lyons), now a young woman, the heir to her late grandmother’s ranch. Determined to hold on to it, she finds her way into equestrian eventing with the help of former event rider and coach Linda (Dyan Cannon). Lizzy learns to stand tall as she faces challenges from her competitor Bethany (Abigail Reed) and plans for her upcoming wedding with fiancĂ©, James (Allen Williamson).

Grace Fulton appears as the riding body double in the film, as does resident Full Moon horse Wild Orange, who stars in the film as Legacy, so there are plenty of Easter eggs to pick out for shrewd viewers. Hope’s Legacy is now available to rent or buy on most video-on-demand streaming platforms.