And the Winner of the ‘Spooktacular’ SmartPak Supplement Shellout Is …

In the spirit of Halloween, last week we asked you to tell us what spooks your horse and your answers were … hilarious. Forget ghosts and ghouls — our equines will take pretty much any excuse to run the other way in terror.

A sampling of reader responses to our “Spooktacular” SmartPak Supplement Shellout, featuring a month’s supply of SmartCalm Ultra up for grabs:

  • The pitchfork that I just used to clean up her manure, and then placed against the wall near her on the cross ties. Absolutely terrifying!
  • My son’s Batman house. My 6-year-old son brought his Batman house out to play with in the arena sand, and when my horse saw it out of the corner of his eye he shot sideways across the length of the ring!
  • The pile of manure he just made last time around the arena
  • Turkeys spook my horse the most.
  • A mailbox
  • Leaves and corn husks “chasing” him
  • Cows
  • A wood stump that moved 6 inches
  • Horse racing up behind him
  • Wind
  • Leaves rustling in the wind (happened yesterday)
  • A deer statue
  • Leaves
  • Trampolines
  • His cooler hanging on the same chair it always hangs on!
  • Jumps in the corner of the arena he sees every single day
  • Well I own a mare … any horse that breathes next to her! I can be talking to a person the next thing I know we have gone sideways, hence no more conversation!
  • Depends on the day. Sometimes dirt in the concrete floor, water drops, shadows on the wall, almost anything!
  • Birds!! Flying birds, sitting birds, live birds, dead birds, chickens, geese, all birds are terrifying!
  • His own shadow!
  • Umbrellas
  • Big ears! Donkeys, bunnies, mules….
  • Loud car engines.
  • The mounting block. Every time.
  • New jumps, anything NEW … honestly.
  • Tractors … always tractors!
  • Dogs running around
  • Other horses. Literally spooks at the horses passing him in the arena, on trails, at shows … Mirrors don’t scare him though, must be a streak of vanity!
  • My husband taking out the trash
  • Garbage trucks.
  • Probably running out of food!
  • His blanket … like, me trying to put it on him. Obviously, I am trying to smother him. 🙄

And the winner, drawn at random, is …. Carey Shefte! Whose horse is apparently terrified of the mailbox. Not just any mailbox, mind you, but THIS mailbox in particular. 

Carey explains: “Here’s my little horse today facing his scary place. We pass by at least six or more mailboxes, many creek crossings and a scary bridge to get to this spot. He’s good about it now, but the first time by here,my trusty terriers, that ride out with me, had to give him a lead!”

Carey’s prize: SmartCalm Ultra Pellets, which can help persuade even the most spook-prone horses to take a breath. Features include …

  • An herb-free formula for nervous system function
  •  Ingredients including vitamins minerals and amino acids to help minimize excessive skittishness
  •  A tasty pellet with no added sugar!

Best of luck to Carey and her steed, who sounds like he’s got a bright future ahead. “He’s just recently ended his racing career and I have hopes for him to start foxhunting next season,” Carey says.

For more chances to win, keep an eye out for our November SmartPak Supplement Shellout coming soon!

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