Bloggers Row Product Review Series: UltrOZ Equine Ultrasonic Therapy System

Bloggers Row is your go-to source for everything from upper level rider thoughts, amateur experiences, product reviews and much more. Our resident reviewer, Colleen Peachey, works hard with her reviews to ensure that the product is fully and fairly tested before crafting an article. This week, Colleen spotlights one of our valued sponsors, Hamilton BioVet, and their new product, the UltrOZ Equine Ultrasonic Therapy System. Do you have a product you'd like to have reviewed? Email Colleen at [email protected].

Photo provided by Hamilton BioVet. Photo provided by Hamilton BioVet.

Being involved in eventing, or really any equestrian sport, can involve a lot of commitment. We invest much in our horses and partners; giving tangible things like time and money. But there are also those intangible things; I’ve certainly poured blood, sweat and tears in along the way. You fall off. You get banged up a bit. You heal. And you get a leg-up to get back in the saddle, and kick on.

When you love the sport, and love your horse, you keep going in spite of the difficulties that you may face. Looking back, I feel like I’ve poured my heart and a piece of my soul into my own riding, and training my horses. It’s not a hobby, or a passing fancy. This is a lifestyle.

With having so much of ourselves invested in our horses–and I’m talking about pleasure horses to upper level event horses, and everything in between–it is very stressful when an injury pops up. Not only are riders invested financially in their horses, but they are oftentimes invested emotionally as well. In any case, riders want to get their horses to recover as quickly as humanly “equine-ly” possible. So what can we actually do to help speed the healing process?

I’m someone who favors therapeutic methods for healing, rather then surgical. So, I was extremely excited to recently have the opportunity to try the UltrOZ Equine Ultrasonic Therapy System that is available through Hamilton BioVet.

Prior to my trial of the system, I read a number of testimonials, case studies, and published research available on Hamilton BioVet’s website, in which the system demonstrated that it could produce some truly fantastic results.

The system was originally created, as the observation was made by both scientists and clinicians, so that a low intensity type of treatment administered over a longer period of time helped to increase the healing rate of the body. The technology was originally geared towards helping to heal fractures (in the instance of a non-union) and expanded to also treat soft tissue injuries (such as tendons and ligaments).

I have recently had the opportunity to chat with Dr. Holly Schmitt about her experience with the UltrOZ system. One of the case studies that we chatted about involved a Grand Prix jumper who had sustained a carpal bone fracture. At the time that the UltrOZ system was introduced as a treatment for this particular horse, the fracture was approximately three months old and the bone had not healed back together yet. One month later, after having introduced the UltrOZ system as a part of treatment plan for the patient, the bone was fully healed (not to mention that the patient was 100% sound within two weeks after starting treatment).

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