Capt. Mark Phillips Previews Burghley

While the dust  from the eventing portion of WEG settles down, we’ve got another big weekend upcoming. Burghley starts this week! We’ve got a strong American contingent sent to contest one of the biggest tracks on the eventing scene, and Kate will be on the scene to bring us all of the latest action as it happens. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it won’t be a #ArmageddonBurghley, but she’s still packing all of the rain gear she owns just to be safe.

Capt. Mark Phillips, the course designer for Burghley, has done a wonderful fence-by-fence preview of the cross country course, which looks big and bad as it should be. This week, we’ve got another preview from Capt. Phillips as he looks to the week ahead.

“Here at Burghley, the cross country’s always big – it’s Burghley,” Capt. Phillips says in the video. “I try to make it fair, safe as I can to give the horses every chance to jump the fences. But it’s big, which in a way sort of works because the riders think it’s big; they respect the fences, respect the course, and hopefully give their horses time and the best chance to jump the fences.”

Burghley also published a neat fly-through video of the cross country course, so if you are keen to get the “rider’s eye” view, be sure to check this video out as well.

Check out Capt. Phillips fence-by-fence preview here, as well as our breakdown of the entries for this year’s strong and large field. Go Burghley!

Burghley Links: [Website] [Entry List] [Course Preview]



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