Chattahoochee Hills Hosts Inaugural Dressage Scribing Clinic

Leslie Olsen teaches the Scribing Clinic participants. Photo by Joanne Morse. Leslie Olsen teaches the Scribing Clinic participants. Photo by Joanne Morse.

As every event facility knows, you cannot be successful without your volunteers.

To be prepared for this year, Chattahoochee Hills held their first Scribing Clinic this past Saturday, Feb 6. Leslie Olsen, an esteemed ‘R’ judge and good friend of Chatt Hills, taught the clinic, giving the attendees confidence, new knowledge and hints to make life easier for the judges and the scribes. Her anecdotes of her experiences throughout her years of scribing and judging entertained everyone and caused many smiles and giggles.

Photo by Joanne Morse

The Scribing Clinic participants! Photo by Joanne Morse.

Ryan Garza and Ashley Keller rode their horses and demonstrated the tests most beautifully. Margaret Lindsay and Kinni Peters, longtime experienced scribes, were there to aid the attendees in explaining some of the terminology and to help everyone keep up to speed. At the end of the four-hour class, everyone felt confident, enlightened and ready to volunteer throughout the year.

Hugh Lochore, event director and farm manager for Chatt Hills, was very supportive of this event. He has always believed that volunteer training gives everyone the knowledge to do a really good job, and in turn benefit the riders. It is intended for this to become an annual event, giving even more people an opportunity to learn a new skill.

Cavalor generously provided lunch for everyone, so many thanks to them. Contact Chatt Hills for helpful information if you would like to hold a similar clinic.