#EventerProblems Vol. 216, Presented by Haygain: Pony Club Approved

For many eventers, our beginnings are deeply rooted in Pony Club. I think we can agree those ratings, rallies and meeting shaped our horsemanship and our lives for the better. While we might not always exceed standards nowadays, if it’s approval you’re looking for, you’ll always get it from us. Enjoy your latest batch of #EventerProblems and keep ’em coming by sharing with the hashtag.

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Last night was rough. Milano likes to inhale his dinner and this time he choked. Horses can still breathe with choke so it’s not like it is with people, but it’s still really bad and can be fatal. We are both so lucky that the staff @kfpequestrian are knowledgable and attentive. He was found right away and the vet and I were immediately notified and first aid immediately given. Travis at @statesvilleequine came directly and got Milano cleared and back to his normal self. His food is now wet and he has strict instructions to chew his damn food! . Thank you also to Megan and Ollie who helped apply first aide and @dianacrawford2905 for being an amazing person all around. Thank you @jenkinseventing for immediately coming home to help and keeping me from needing a paper bag to breathe. . #belgiansupermodel #teamkfp #amazingcare #horsemanship #chewyourdamnfood #eventerproblems #horseproblems #horsesofinstagram

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So here is your #failfriday I feel a bit like I've let Lexi down the last few days. After having that first good ride back in the saddle I thought I could just take off working with her (outside of conditioning) picking up where I left off. . . That was an unreasonable expectation, and while I did do some ground work/relationship building stuff while I wasn't riding I should've done more before picking up work and learning new things. . . My goal yesterday was just to do some light long lining, walking up and down hills to build topline etc. Lexi gets buddy sour so every time we were passing the way to the barn she would start having a tantrum which resulted in some bucking and getting the lines all wonky. We did end on a good note, but we'll be doing more basics for now. So thankful I used a halter instead of a bridle while learning. 😶

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Can we all appreciate the iconic clever phrase where lukie looks like a fat cartoon 😂😂💁🏼‍♀️👌🏽 Here it is folks – your first #hackingwithlukie mini blog/mess thing 😏 • • This was when I first got my GoPro and kept the vids and decided it was rather entertaining when looking back on it 😂 • • Fun times – with the awful story today I thought it might perk yall up with ur duvet days 😎 also reminds me of when the weather was marginally better 😖😩 • • Just praying that the weather/ground gets better in time for the event season to begin 🤞🏽🤞🏽 • • Anyway enjoy the mess that is my life 💁🏼‍♀️👀 • • Shop @uhlanequestrian for amazing products head over to @bac.eventing or @hb.showjumping for a cheeky lil discount

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