Friday News & Notes from World Equestrian Brands

Concours Complet Équilibre 2 H.T. in Dudswell, QC. Photos by Jessica C / Photographe Animaliere.

Quebec is summer eventing paradise: moderate temperatures, picturesque terrain, beautiful accents that make you wish you’d paid better attention in high school French class …. We’re always glad to report on the thriving Canadian eventing scene, and were happy to receive a report that Concours Complet Équilibre 2 H.T. (Aug. 31-Sept. 1) was a success. It’s the third official horse trial hosted by Centre Équestre Équilibre located in Dudswell, QC, close to the U.S. border and the state of Vermont.

From Grasshopper to Preliminary levels, including the new EV105 level, 74 horse-rider duos showed up from all over Canada as well as some riders from Northeastern U.S. Exceptional footing, expert course design by Jeff Kibbie ad Dylan Barry, rider hospitality, and excellent organization have all contributed to the appeal of the event. Learn more and view a calendar of future events at the Centre Équestre Équilibre website. Allez Eventing!

National Holiday: National Coffee Ice Cream Day

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News From Around the Globe:

Dressage may have just started at Burghley, but a lucky few have already run around the cross country course. Oh, you didn’t know? The Shetland ponies and their tiny jockeys galloped around the course last week and made the huge jumps look even more enormous! If you’re there, they will also be contesting a Shetland Grand National on Saturday morning before the actual cross country starts, and if you’re not there, please enjoy this video. [Shetlands Take On Burghley XC]

Event riders in England can now go train cross country at Hickstead. Thanks to a massive initiative to add this feature to the already incredible facility, you can now train on two arenas as well as an all weather track, and about 60 cross country obstacles ranging in size as well as a water complex. It only cost £500,000, so it should be pretty nice! [Eventers Train Cross Country at Hickstead]

How important is your at-home arena surfacing for conditioning your horse’s legs? With so many new and exciting surfaces available, it’s easy to have arena envy these days. However, this vet believes that training exclusively on perfect footing might not be the best option for preparing your horse. [How Does Arena Footing Affect Your Horse?]

Selling your horse: a minefield to say the least. In the beginning, it’s just about creating the media and then writing the right description. That part can go wrong, what if you say something that doesn’t represent them correctly? For instance, don’t say your horse is beginner safe, because not all beginners are the same. [Things Not To Say When Selling Your Horse]

Hot on Horse Nation: The Wild Mustangs of Onaqui Mountains: Cooper & The Old Man

Best of Blogs: The Long Road Back

Video: I’m not crying — you’re crying. We heart this happy-tears interview with Burghley day one dressage leader Eliza Stoddart, plus Tim Price and Sarah Bullimore who are tied for second.

The multi-award winning Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials (September 5 – 8) has been established as a major international equestrian and social event in the Autumn Sporting Calendar for over 50 years. For more information visit