Friday Video and UK Notes from World Equestrian Brands: Behind the Scenes at Blenheim

What a week to be an eventing fan! The EN team is at large on both sides of the pond, with the dream team in situ in Tryon, bringing you absolutely everything you need to know — and some things you didn’t even know you needed to know! — from the World Equestrian Games, while I’m holding down the fort at Blenheim, keeping my eyes peeled for an early look at next year’s Badminton winner. If ever there was a weekend to just shut yourself off from the world, pour the morning wine, and surround yourself with live streams, this is absolutely it.

If you’re very good at multitasking, you might also be out competing, or preparing to make your final entries of the season. If so, check out our guide to this weekend’s events and opening dates — and, as always, Go Eventing!

UK Weekend Preview:

Events Opening this Weekend:

  • Norton Disney (2) – BE80-N, with BE100RF – [EnterLincolnshire (October 19-21)

Events Balloting this Weekend:

  • 14th: Weston Park (2) – BE80-N, with BE90RF and BE100RF – [EnterShropshire (October 6-7)
  • 15th: Askham Bryan College – BE80-N – [EnterYorkshire (October 6-7)

Friday Video: Your backstage pass to Blenheim

Always wanted to snoop through the high-security stabling at a world-class event? Now’s your chance, thanks to intrepid presenter Spencer Sturmey (no, not Stanley Tucci, although we’d consider casting him in the film). Join him as he meets #supergroom Frankie Murrell, head girl to Pippa Funnell, and find out what life is really like behind the barricades…