Friday Video from SmartPak: Rescued Horse Events Against the Odds

Are you guys ready for some Friday feels? Meet World Horse Welfare Lucas, a gorgeous coloured gelding who was rescued by the charity as a foal and rehabilitated. Now rehomed with caregiver and rider Colleen Macrae, the seven-year-old Thoroughbred cross has proven to be multitalented – but there’s nothing he loves quite so much as cross-country. This season, he’ll be aiming for BE90 (US novice) – and we reckon he’s set to make a bit of a star of himself.

Not content with just leaping cross-country fences like it ain’t no thang, Lucas has also become the muse for a new series of sculptures, which will help to raise awareness of the charity’s work. These sculptures will be placed in multiple locations, and have been designed by 40 different artists. You can learn more about the trail, and see some of the stunning artwork chosen, here.

We want to know about your rescues who have gone on to enjoy a career eventing – so show us, and shout out the charity you sourced them from, if applicable, in the comments!

Go Lucas, go World Horse Welfare, and GO EVENTING!