Friday Video from SmartPak: Sprout and Lexi’s Big Adventure


You don’t need to be an EN obsessive to know that we’ve been using William Fox-Pitt’s new YouTube channel as a way to survive the dreary winter months. Jam-packed with behind-the-scenes footage, interesting insights into the management of a top-level yard, and up-close-and-personal pieces on some of the stars of the stable, it’s a great addition to the wide world of online eventing offerings.

But this week’s episode is extra-special, because it features a gutsy US rider and her heart horse, both working to make some big dreams come true. We followed Lexi Scovil‘s journey with Chico’s Man VDF Z – or Sprout – through the 2019 season, as they made their mark on the British eventing scene, culminating in their first trip around the exalted grounds of Blenheim. Now, they’re back for more. Get to know this dynamic duo and find out what’s on the radar for them in 2020 as the Fox-Pitt Eventing channel turns its attentions to Lexi and Sprout’s big adventure.