Friday Video from World Equestrian Brands: A Sweet Moment at Copper Meadows

It’s been a rough month for eventing, but also an inspiring one as we witnessed the international equestrian community banding together to celebrate the good things that are at the heart of our sport.

At the center of it all, of course, is the connection between horse and human. It’s a relationship between two beings that requires no words and manifests in myriad ways, from leaping into the unknown on a cross-country course to quiet moments of affection and peace.

This video, taken at Copper Meadows H.T. last year and sent to us by Area VI eventer Shadney Elwell, exemplifies that special relationship. It was accompanied by this note: “I thought with all the sadness we see in this sport this was a great depiction of the bond horse and rider can have.”

Shadney and her mare, Ellagance (“Ella”), have a long history together. “I got her as a 3 year old and broke and trained her myself, which is why I think we have such a great bond,” Shadney says. “She is truly my once-in-a-lifetime horse!”

The pair competes at Training Level and are hoping to move up to Prelim soon. This is a photo of them shortly after their cuddle session, during their show jumping round:


Photo courtesy of Shadney Elwell.

Go Shadney and Ella. Go Eventing.