Friday Video from World Equestrian Brands: Top 3 CCI3* Dressage Tests from Bromont

That’s a wrap for Bromont CCI3* dressage. Our top three heading into cross country tomorrow: 1. Buck Davidson and The Apprentice (45.9), 2. Will Faudree and Pfun (48.8), 3. Jennie Brannigan (49.0).

Check out Leslie Threlkeld’s full Bromont CCI3* report here.

Once again we’ve got the replay thanks to videographer extraordinaire David Frechette, AKA Thehorsepesterer. (Check out the top five CCI2* tests here.) What would we do without you, David?

Check back soon for Leslie Threlkeld’s full Bromont CCI3* report! Best of luck to all competitors on cross country tomorrow.

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