Germany Releases Long-list for FEI World Championships at Pratoni del Vivaro

Olympic gold medallist Julia Krajewski and Amande de b’Neville are named to the top tier of the German long-list.Photo by Tilly Berendt.

With CHIO Aachen in the rear view and most selection trials for the upcoming FEI World Championships / WEG / whatever we’re calling it these days done and dusted, it’s now time to start watching the airwaves for long-list and team announcements. Nominated entries for Pratoni are due to the FEI on August 15, with definite entries due by September 5, meaning we’ll be seeing more announcements like this one coming over the next few weeks.

Germany is the latest to confirm its senior list, and has done so in four tiers, which were named as follows:

Tier 1

Sandra Auffarth with Viamant du Matz
Michael Jung with fischerChipmunk FRH
Julia Krajewski with Amande de B’Neville

Tier 2:

Sophie Leube with Jadore Moi
Dirk Schrade with casino
Christoph Wahler with Carjatan S

Tier 3:

Nicolai Aldinger with Timmo
Alina Dibowski with Barbados
Malin Hansen-Hotopp with Carlitos Quidditch K
Ingrid Klimke with Equistros Siena just do it
Anna Siemer with FRH Butts Avondale

Tier 4:

Arne Bergendahl with Luthien
Andreas Dibowski with Brennus
Heike Jahncke with Mighty Spring
Andreas Ostholt with high flight TSF

The final German team for Pratoni will be named following the final German selection trial at Haras du Pin, August 11-14.