Holiday Gift Ideas: Topline Leather Custom Browbands

‘Tis the season to have absolutely no idea what to get any of your friends or family, for the umpteenth year in a row. Every once in a while you find the perfect present, but especially for horsey friends, the pressure is on. Obviously you’ll be purchasing something horse-related, but does it have to be pink and have a fat pony on it? We here at Eventing Nation say NAY! That’s why this holiday season each one of our impressive staff writers is picking one unique, amazing, thoughtful and clever horsey gift to help you along during this time of stress. Happy holidays!

Lainey Ashker's tack room now has even more sparkle thanks to Topline Leather. Photo via Lainey's Facebook page.

Eventers love color, admit it. We spend hours agonizing over the perfect color combinations to best complement our personalities. I am in the process of changing my colors from the standard navy blue and white to something a bit more fun, and so you can imagine how pleased I was to stumble upon Topline Leather. I had the chance to speak with the mind behind the sparkle, Meghann, who said she has been fortunate to have her product fall in the right hands to spread the word about these gorgeous browbands.

“I got the idea for the browbands from just seeing pieces of jewelry and thinking ‘that would look really cool on a browband,'” Meghann explains. “Eventers are so into their colors that it just seemed like a perfect fit.” Meghann uses Swarovski & Czech crystals and glass seed beads to design the browbands. Customers have their choice of just about any color and combination of colors when ordering their custom bands, and Meghann hand makes each one to order.

The Frodo Baggins browband. Photo from the Topline Leather Facebook page.

Meghann has had some customers sport her artistry on their bridles at the top levels of their sport. Dressage rider Lauren Sprieser used a Topline Leather browband during her rides at the US Dressage Finals, which gave Meghann an in road with the dressage world, who are known for their sparkling head wear. Lainey Ashker also uses these browbands, and she and Meghann worked together to come up with the design for a commemorative browband in honor of Lainey’s late horse, Frodo Baggins. “I try to name each browband after the horse who will be wearing it, but Lainey wanted to name one after Frodo so that she could honor his memory,” Meghann said. “Lainey typically uses mainly black in her outfits, so I tried to keep with that color scheme when I made Frodo’s browband.”

Just a few examples of Topline Leather browbands. Photo from Topline Leather's Facebook page.

Since Meghann hand makes each browband, she recommends that orders be placed as soon as possible in preparation for the holidays. Each browband takes her about eight to ten hours to make, and as stated before she can combine just about any colors you can think of. If you browse the Topline Leather Etsy store online and have your eye on an in-stock browband, Meghann will be running a “Tack Friday” sale from Black Friday until Cyber Monday.

For more information on Topline Leather, check out their Facebook page or click on over to their Etsy store for in-stock options. Orders can be placed using Facebook or on the Etsy store. Many thanks to Meghann for telling me a bit more about Topline Leather. For those of you heading to Red Hills in the spring, Topline Leather will have a booth for shoppers to stop by and load up on sparkle.

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