Hylofit’s Next Top Amateur Finalist: A PMU Rescue Turned Eventing Golden Boy

EN received an overwhelming response to Hylofit’s Next Top Amateur Contest, in which we sent out a call for amateur eventers to share the big goals they’ve got their sights set on for this season. In addition to winner Courtenay Tuxhorn, who received a Hylofit System and lifetime membership, Hylofit also selected four finalists who will receive a discount on the hardware and a lifetime membership: Kathy NolanJolie JantzJeffie Chapin and Mallory Stiver. EN is honored to publish all of their entries, and best of luck to all! Read on to meet finalist Jolie Jantz. Go Eventing.

Photo courtesy of Jolie Jantz.

My horse Noah Constrictor is a rescued PMU horse from Canada. If you don’t know what this is, please look it up and encourage everyone you know to NOT use Premarin products! As we all know, being Canadian already suggests a questionable breeding history but it essentially means he is some type of draft cross and therefore may be a bit lacking in the athletic prowess department compared to all my friends’ OTTBs. What he is not lacking in is good looks, which I’m pretty sure gets us brownie points in dressage. Noah is affectionately called “Fabio” by most of his admirers, especially after I bathe him with that amazing purple shampoo that makes his white mane and tail absolutely glisten like pearls …. Anyway, I digress.

As eventers, we are supposed to be more concerned with fitness than good looks. This brings me to the point. Noah is a big boy and has amazing athletic ability for his build with a gorgeous jumping style and a relaxed way of going around cross country. His pace is absolutely suited for Training level and I never have to push him to make time. Different story when we made the jump to Preliminary level. He destroyed everyone in dressage and was beautiful jumping cross country and stadium, but the time penalties were an issue.

Photo courtesy of Jolie Jantz.

I don’t carry a whip and can’t imagine chasing my best friend around the course just to make time, so here is my plan. I really want to focus on our fitness and endurance so that it is effortless for him to adjust his normal cruising speed to a higher notch. Whether that means we are successful at moving up to Preliminary consistently or just better able to stay fit and sound at Training level, it’s worth the effort.

I understand the importance of zone training and use heart rate monitoring for myself when getting serious about an upcoming race or when I’m focusing on cardio in preparation for an updated selfie for my online dating profile. The Hylofit system would allow me to apply the same training approach to my beautiful horse so that I can more accurately assess his true fitness level and adjust our workouts accordingly. Since we are aiming for our first long format Training 3-Day in October, Hylofit would take the guesswork out of the equation and give me the confidence to know that I am training correctly and appropriately to attain this goal.

Photo courtesy of Jolie Jantz.

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