Larkin Hill Horse Trials to Add Preliminary Division Starting July 2019

Photo courtesy of Larkin Hill. 

Following the loss of multiple high-profile horse trials in USEA’s Area I, Larkin Hill has committed to adding a Preliminary division starting with the July 21 one-day event at the 100-acre venue in North Chatham, New York.

Event organizer Margie Hutchison said in adding a Preliminary division she hopes Larkin Hill can help fill the void in Area I following the cancellation of Stuart Horse Trials, King Oak Farm Horse Trials and Fitch’s Corner Horse Trials.

“Our course designer Tremaine Cooper has assured us that we have the land at Larkin Hill to accommodate a Preliminary course,” Margie said. “As many of you know — if you have organized, officiated or volunteered at, ridden in, supported a horse or rider, or simply been a spectator at a horse trials — it literally takes a village for these competitions to become a reality. It is a massive effort, and an expensive investment for the future.”

In order to add the Preliminary level at the July 21 event, Larkin Hill will borrow portables from nearby venues in New York. Transporting the portables will cost an estimated $5,000, with building permanent Preliminary obstacles costing an estimated $30,000 to $40,000.

“In the true spirit of cooperation from our fantastic village of eventers, organizers Fernanda Kellogg of Fitch’s Corner and Louise Meryman of Millbrook Horse Trials have graciously and generously agreed to lend us the necessary portable jumps to help flesh out a complete and high standard cross-country course for this year,” Margie said.

“Our goal is to raise $50,000, not only to help make this Preliminary division a reality this year, but to help us build our own obstacles for the future.”

Larkin Hill has raised $2,000 of the $50,000 goal thus far. Click here to donate via GoFundMe. To make a tax-deductible donation through the American Horse Trials Foundation, please contact Sharyn Antico at 413-454-4158.

[Larkin Hill Horse Trials Preliminary XC Course GoFundMe]