Love Nation: Congrats to Newly Engaged EN Publisher John & Fiancé Jess!

J+J Romance Factory! Photo used without permission from John’s FB page.

Join us in issuing a great big unauthorized congrats to Eventing Nation founder and publisher John on his engagement to Jessica Fink! John got down on one knee just before the holidays and Jessica, a very sweet and pretty girl who seems OK with John’s myriad neuroticisms, took the bait. Changed light bulbs for life, Jess! No step-stools needed on that wedding gift registry!

At risk of getting all of us fired for revealing any details about John’s shadowy existence, I can confirm that John is doing A-OK in the game of life. In addition to running like seven successful businesses, he is currently on scholarship at an unnamed university working on his MBA, crunching numbers and learning corporate jargon like “action plan” and “leadership deliverables” that he uses to torment and bewilder his employees here at Nation Media. Get that paper, John! In his leisure time he enjoys being in love, traversing vast distances between business meetings in his car, participating in grueling physical activities and hanging out with his lovely mom. Hi, John’s mom!

The EN staff hasn’t met Jess in person, yet, but we have interrogated John at length about her and in our professional opinion they are a totally perfect match. Sounds like they’re aiming for a summer wedding, and don’t worry, I already put in a request that it be scheduled around all major three-day events.

All ribbing aside, on behalf of the entire Eventing Nation we couldn’t be happier for you two! Congrats and here’s wishing John and Jess a happily ever after!

Go Love. Go Eventing.

Awwwww, you two!