Meet Your Blogger Contest Final Four

We announced the final four blogger contest entrants yesterday, and we will be posting their Round 2 entries on Bloggers Row beginning today. They’ve each sent in a bio for us to share with our readers, so without further ado here are your final four!

Wendy Angel: 

Wendy Angel, 35 is a recovering weenie newbie eventer who tries to not be a disgrace to the sport every time she rides, but she never takes herself too seriously. She and her luggy Percheron/TB cross (the TB part is hiding….) Ollie live in Atlanta, where she works in marketing. [Round 1 Entry]

Maggie Deatrick:

I’m a twenty-something corporate drone trying to make a bid at the upper levels and wondering when I signed up for a 9 to 5 job behind a computer. As much fun as it is to watch people’s faces when I casually mention my mechanical engineering degree and how much I love calculus, I spend more of my time thinking about the mechanics of a perfect half halt. [Round 1 Entry]

Lynn Marie Garvin:

Lynn Marie is an accomplished obsessor of clean water troughs and pristinely swept aisle ways. She regularly lurks at dressage warmups and on cross country courses taking photographs of complete strangers and then slinking back to her car as if nothing creepy at all has occurred. She has imaginative competitive upper level eventing daydreams in her car when that song by Bastille comes on the radio, but don’t think for a minute she isn’t regularly reality checked by her OTTB mare when she actually gets on to ride.

Accolades: Can blow bubbles with world champions but prefers to keep it casual to not intimidate the amateurs. Known to wear a cape. Preferred gait is skipping because it’s faster than walking and kind of like jogging’s fabulous gay brother that everyone admires for his fashion sense and self confidence.

Lynn Marie didn’t feel like writing a bio about herself so she gave the honors to her pet rat, Arthur, who heard that EN has a blogging chinchilla and wanted in on the fun:

Lynn Marie is human, when she’s home and awake she feeds me treats and when she’s asleep she snores a lot. Sometimes I sit on her shoulder while she’s on the computer and give her editing tips, but mostly I just ask for treats. She is a pretty ok human. [Round 1 Entry]

Rolex Husband:

Who is this Rolex Husband? Nobody knows. Well some do but that is beside the point. Groom extraordinaire, supportive husband, and pretty good in front of a grill; I enjoy doing my little part for the equine community and always look for the humor in life. [Round 1 Entry]


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