Monday Video: Chasin Tail at Hagyard Midsouth

Earlier this year we welcomed Jumper Nation editor Meagan DeLisle over to the dark side of fancy prancing, sans-arena running and jumping, and colored-stick hopping otherwise known as eventing. Meagan found herself in need of switching things up a bit from her native jumper land and found the perfect partner in Bear, a 19-year-old grade Appendix Quarter Horse with no tail. If you haven’t already read their story in Meagan’s own words, do yourself a favor and catch up on that first.

We post a lot of helmet cams from upper-level competitions, but the truth is we love a good ride-along behind pricked ears at any level. No matter what size fences are being jumped, a ride where you’re having fun every stride of the way is the best kind of ride. Ride along with Maegan and Bear above, but if you want to watch the cutest tail-less bum in eventing canter ’round then here’s their RNS Videomedia footage as well: