Monday Video from CLM DWN: Jon Holling Analyzes a Viewer Submission

We’ve shared a few of Jon Holling‘s new YouTube series “The Long and Short of It” now, wherein he breaks down a video of one of his rides moment-by-moment to teach us what went wrong and how he could have ridden differently to avoid a sticky situation. Jon was also a panelist at a few different safety-related discussions at the USEA Annual Convention the other weekend, including ‘Having and Instilling Rider Responsibility’ and ‘Where is the Sport Headed with Frangible Cross-Country Fences.’

Now you have the chance to have Jon analyze your ride too! Jon has opened up this series to viewer submissions, so if you’re brave enough to put yourself out there send him a short video (no more than about 30 seconds) of your cross country or show jumping competition ride and you could be featured on an upcoming edition of The Long and Short of It and receive expert analysis of your ride. Here’s how to submit you video.

In this first viewer submission edition, Jon reviews video from Hilary Bland riding a set of double brushes  at the Spokane Horse Trials. Jon has impressed us with his ability to not only to analyze these rides second-by-second, but to effectively communicate and critique without being critical. Thanks for sharing, Jon and Hilary!