Monday Videos from Tredstep Ireland: Getting Creative with Pole Work

As much of the country is still encased in snow and ice (spring is coming, right?), some riders have taken to the indoor and gotten creative with their winter pole work. Kelley Shetter-Ruiz, who is braving the winter in Wisconsin, and her horse, Tristan, are posted some awe-inspiring videos of their pole work over the winter.

I was never very good at geometry in high school, so naturally the latest set-up from Kelley makes my head spin a bit, but you have to hand it to this pair for keeping things interesting this winter!

There’s a lot to be said about ground poles and how beneficial they are to any horse and rider. Finding ways to make the work more interesting is always a challenge, but we think Kelley’s got this down to a science. What we want to know is: how long does it take to set these patterns up?