Ocala Horse Properties Rebecca Farm 4*L Flight Grant Awarded to Jules Batters

It’s hard to believe it, but we are just a week away from the hottest summer destination event of the season: The Event at Rebecca Farm. This week, Ocala Horse Properties announced that original runner-up for its first-ever Rebecca Farm Flight Grant, Jules Batters, will now receive the prize after original recipient Allie Knowles withdrew her entry, Business Class, due to a minor setback.

Jules and Cooley O will now join 3*L Flight Grant recipients Brittany Crandall and Cooley Almighty on a much shorter trip than originally anticipated, and we’ll look forward to seeing them compete next week. You can take a look at all the entries for Rebecca Farm here. And if you’re heading to Montana and have some time to spare, be sure to sign up for volunteer shifts! This helps the volunteer coordinators organize and plan, so even if you don’t know your exact availability yet you can still let them know they can count on you.

We’ll once again be assisted by Erin Tomson for our boots-on-the-ground coverage, and we’re particularly keen to catch up with the two recipients of the Ocala Horse Properties Flight Grant. Stay tuned for much more next week — and yes, there will be a live stream coming to you from our friends at Ride On Video and Athletux! More on that to come.