Pratoni 2022 Announces Support of International Grooms Association

Tyler Held, head groom for Jennie Brannigan, shares a moment with FE Lifestyle. Photo by Tilly Berendt.

A partnership signed with between the upcoming FEI World Championships for Eventing and Driving and the International Grooms Association (IGA) marks key progress on the road to better representation and support for professional grooms.

This spring marked a key step forward for grooms seeking formalized representation within governance as the FEI officially recognizing the formation of the International Grooms Association. The nonprofit organization founded by Lucy Katan and driven by the contributions of professional grooms and industry leaders worldwide has dedicated the majority of its resources to providing much-needed support and resources for grooms, who have long gone without voice or recognition.

“This is very significant as thanks to the formation of the IGA, for the first time ever, the international grooms have had a formal voice prior to a major championship,” a release announcing the partnership stated.

Components of this partnership include increased support and visibility for the hardworking grooms accompanying the championship horses to Italy. A Grooms Representative will be named as a liason for both eventing and driving, playing a similar role to a Rider Rep and providing a line of communication between grooms and the IGA. An Eventing Grooms Briefing will also be held during the week of championships.

Grooms will also be recognized in the event program and will be named on TV graphics and results, giving them greater visibility to those following along globally.

“We are pleased that Pratoni 2022 have recognized the critical role of the groom and have listened to, and acted upon our suggestions,” IGA Founding Director Lucy Katan said. “We hope that these World Championships become a flagship for all levels of international competition in the improvement of the groom’s working environment.”

President of the Italion Equestrian Federation Marco Di Paola echoed these sentiments: “From the inception of this Championship we have been designing facilities that supports the grooms. Our feedback from the Test Event was very positive and we are very pleased to be working with the IGA and of course the international grooms who are so important to the success of these Championships.”

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The IGA invites grooms working for FEI level riders from all over the world to join. The IGA’s aim is to provide an opportunity to recognize, educate and support those who work hardest to keep the equine athletes of our sport happy and healthy and performing at their best. You can learn more and sign up as an IGA member here.