Pan American Games Cross Country Live Updates: USA & Boyd Martin Lead

Lynn Symansky and RF Cool Play (USA). Photo by Shannon Brinkman.

It’s run and jump day in Lima, Peru for the 2019 Pan American Games! Jose Ortelli’s track is unrelenting, and there’s plenty to do out there. Our team riders shared their thoughts on the course, check them out here.

Kick off time is 11 a.m. central/12 p.m. eastern! Without a live stream, and no fence-by-fence live scoring, we’re going to cobble together all the Pan Ams XC info in one place for semi-easy following. Check this space for updates as they happen.

Here’s the U.S. ride times:

  • Lynn Symansky & RF Cool Play: 11:20 a.m. central/12:23 p.m. eastern – DOUBLE CLEAR
  • Tamie Smith & Mai Baum: 12:15 p.m. central/1:15 p.m. eastern – 40 jump, 14 time penalties
  • Doug Payne & Starr Witness: 1:10 p.m. central/2:12 p.m. eastern – CLEAR, 8.4 time
  • Boyd Martin & Tsetserleg: 2:05 p.m. central/3:05 p.m. eastern – DOUBLE CLEAR

Canadian ride times:

  • Karl Slezak & Fernhill Wishes: 11:05 a.m. central/12:05 p.m. eastern – CLEAR + 11.2 time
  • Dana Cooke & FE Mississippi: 12 p.m. central/1 p.m. eastern – 40 jump, 27.6 time penalties
  • Colleen Loach & FE Golden Eye: 12:55 p.m. central/1:55 p.m. eastern – 20 jump, 41.6 time
  • Jessica Phoenix & Pavarotti: 1:50 p.m. central/2:50 p.m. eastern – CLEAR, 9.6 time

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UPDATED 2:37: Stay tuned for a full report!

11:10: Karl Slezak and Fernhill wishes are home for Canada! They went clear with 11.2 time penalites.

11:15 Roll call for our first few starters:

Juan Jose Francia (PER) and Alpacino Z finish with 20 jump penalties and 40.8 time penalties.

Jose Alan Triana Martinez (MEX) and Violento finish with 60 jump penalties and 25.6 time penalites.

Ruy Fonseca (BRA) fell from Ballypatrick Srs at fence 7.


11:19 Lynn is clear through the corners at 16.

11:31 Lynn and RF Cool Play are home double clear!!! They’re the first to finish clear inside the time.


11:36 Luis Eduardo Aranco and Svr Gruñon are on course now for Uruguay.

11:40 Luis Eduardo Aranco (URU) and Mauricio Bermudez (COL) have both been eliminated.

11:41 Argentina’s Marcelo Javier Rawson pick up 20 jump penalties and 44.8 time penalties.

11:43 Update on Colombia’s Mauricio Bermudez:

11:44 Chile’s Carlos Villarroel has been eliminated early on in the course.


11:51 Way cool, Coolio.

11:58 Wylder Francisco Rodriguez Silva (GUA) and Escapito-S finish clear with 24 time penalites.



It’s a strong start for the #USAEventing Team at #Lima2019! Hear from pathfinder, Lynn Symansky Equestrian after her double-clear round.

Posted by USA Eventing on Saturday, August 3, 2019

12:01 Peru’s Hans Chener Alva Pierola has been eliminated.


12:04 This course is causing quite a bit of problems. Of the 13 starters, 7 have completed.

Best ride we’ve seen as Dana Cooke gives us a textbook ride through the first water on Mississippi for 🇨🇦 Canada 🇨🇦

Posted by Athletux Equine on Saturday, August 3, 2019

12:08 Dana and FE Mississippi have a runout at 14D, a skinny brush chevron, but they’re clear on second attempt.


12:11 Mexico’s Pedro Gutierrez and California Mail also have a runout at 14D.

12:12 Dana Cooke and FE Mississippi are home for Canada with 40 jump penalties and 37.6 time penalties.


12:19 Rafael Mamprin Losano and Fuiloda G post a clear round for Brazil! They had just 4.4 time penalties.

12:22 Tamie and Lexus are clear through 19.

Next Level Eventing through first water

Posted by Athletux Equine on Saturday, August 3, 2019

12:28 Tamie comes home with 40 jump penalties and 14 time penalties.

12:44 We are so flattered that y’all love the site so much that you take it out on our servers <3. Back online now let’s catch up…

Chile’s Guillermo Garin Heyermann and Bipolar were eliminated after issues at fence 14.

12:46 Sarka Kolackova De Mendez (GUA) and Carneval 32 retire at 11 after two refusals.

12:50 Ecuador’s Nicolas Wettstein & Onzieme Framoni are eliminated on course.

12:52 At the halfway point, Lynn & Coolio are still the only pair to go double clear. Of 22 starters, 12 have completed.

12:54 We’ve got some clarification on Tamie’s issues on course. She and Lexus had a run out at the corner at 16, and then earned another 20 penalties for crossing their tracks at 23.

12:58 Colleen Loach and FE Golden Eye are soon to leave the box for Canada.

12:59 Here are some other clear rounds we may have missed during our servers’ temper tantrum, and I’d like to make sure we give credit to:  Juan Benitez Gallardo (ARG) & J B G Espuelas Atila who had 14.8 time penalties, Wylder Francisco Rodriguez Silva (GUA) & Escapito-S who had 24 time penalties, and Pedro Jose Espinosa (HON) & Hipolita who had 34.8 time penalites.

1:02 Colleen and FE Golden Eye have a stop at 12A, the angled boat jump into water. They’re clear on second attempt.

1:02 Peru’s Marcelino Cardenas Salazar finishes with 40 jump and 20 time pens.


1:08 Colleen Loach and FE Golden Eye are home after one stop and 41.6 time penalties for Canada.

1:09 Tamie comments on her round: “I just don’t think he read it”

Hear from Tamie Smith after her cross-country at #Lima2019

Posted by USA Eventing on Saturday, August 3, 2019

1:11 Mexico’s Jose Enrique Mercado Suarez brings Tehuacan home clear! Just 16.4 time penalties for this pair.

1:13 Doug Payne and Starr Witness out on course!

1:15 Doug clear through fence 8.

1:17 Marcelo Tosi & Starbucks jump clear with just 4.4 time penalties. That’s three clear rounds for Brazil.

1:20 DOUG CLEAR! 8.4 time penalties. #GingaNinja

1:22 Update on Marcelo’s score: Looks like he missed a flag somewhere for 15 penalties. That gives him 19.4 total added in this phase.

1:24 Lucia Chieza (URU) & Svr Energico home clear with 31.6 time penalties. Looks like these team riders are taking their time to ensure clear rounds.

1:26 Colombia’s Jhonatan Fabian Rodriguez Rodriguez retire after having issues at fence 12, the boat water.

1:36 With 10 left to go, we’re seeing a 54% completion rate and a 29% clear rate for this course.

1:39 Luis Alfonso Larrondo Muñoz is the first Chilean rider to complete the course. He and Puerto Octay come home with 20 jump penalties and 15.2 time penalties.


1:47 Carlos Narvaez (ECU) and Que Loco were eliminated.

1:54 Diego Farje Carpio & Qouter home for Peru with 15.2 time penalties.

1:57 Coolio beast-moding it:

Lynn Symansky Equestrian through first water! #teamusa

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12:59 Here’s Doug at the corner:

DPEquestrian LLC at tricky back corner

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2:00 Jessica Phoenix & Pavarotti are home clear with 9.6 time penalties for Canada!

2:03 Doug talks about his ride today:

“She’s a total freak and makes easy work of anything we ask of her.” We caught up with DPEquestrian LLC after producing a clear round with time for #USAEventing at #Lima2019!

Posted by USA Eventing on Saturday, August 3, 2019

2:04 Guillermo German de Campo M. and Quelite come home clear with 16.8 time penalties for Mexico.

2:05 Boyd Martin and Tsetserleg are on course.

2:08 Boyd clear through 8.

2:10 Riding for Brazil, Carlos Parro and Quaikin Qurious jump clear with 6.8 time penalties.

2:14 Boyd Martin & Tsetserleg go double clear as the final U.S. pair! That puts them provisionally in the lead.

Boys through water for 🇺🇸

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2:18  Edison Alejandro Quintana Valerio (URU) and Svr Fraile Del Santa Lucia are eliminated. They reportedly both fell at fence 16.


2:25 Argentina’s final pair, Luciano Claudio Brunello and Maria Teresa, finish clear with 26.4 time penalties.

2:29 Carlos Lobos Muñoz & Ranco jump clear for Chile with 18.4 time penalties for a provisional 10th place.

2:30 Our final pair, Carlos Sueiras (GUA) and Valentina RN have retired at fence 12. That’s a wrap for Pan Ams cross country day!