Pau Cross Country Instagram Roundup: Zut Alors!

That’s French for “dang it to heck!,” “fudgesicle!” or whatever else is your expression of choice in moments of surprise/duress which we are unable to publish here because EN is a family website. Being an eventer, it’s useful to keep a wide range of swear word alternatives in your vocabularian pocket; strapping oneself to horses’ backs on the reg, we tend to encounter moments of surprise/duress with a higher-than-average frequency. “Zut alors!,” a turn of phrase you vaguely remember from 8th grade French, conveys an effective ratio of alarm and worldly sophistication. We approve.

And it’s an appropriate caption for the following Instagram photos and videos from cross country day at Pau. (Please note that all horses and riders pictured, whether they had a long walk back to the barn or kicked on and found the finish flags, were OK.)

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Petit fail.

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Cross Country #4etoilesdepau #horse #cheval

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