Rio Olympic Day 1 Afternoon Dressage Live Updates: William Fox-Pitt Takes Lead on 36.9

Clark Montgomery and Loughan Glen. Photo by Jenni Autry. Clark Montgomery and Loughan Glen. Photo by Jenni Autry.

Plenty of heavy-hitters lie in wait this afternoon, and we expect to see a pair or few crack the 30s.

Jenni is tweeting the action ringside in Rio; you can check out her lunch break report here, and she’ll be bringing us a full report at the end of the day. For those of us following along from home, here’s how to watch the live stream.

The competitors are performing OG 4* Test B – Short Version and will be judged by Marilyn Payne of the United States, Andrew Bennie of New Zealand and Sandy Phillips of Great Britain.

Be sure to check out Maggie Deatrick’s “Dressage Powerhouses of Rio: Day One,” wherein she spotlights the combinations that we’re likely to see at the top of the leaderboard at the end of the day. And be sure to cheer extra loud (even if you’re just sitting at home alone — it still counts!) for the North American contingent.

Saturday U.S. ride times:
11:36 BRT (10:36 EST): Boyd Martin and Blackfoot Mystery
3:14 BRT (2:14 EST): Clark Montgomery and Loughan Glen

Saturday Canadian ride times:
10 a.m. BRT (9 a.m. EST): Jessica Phoenix and A Little Romance
1:30 p.m. BRT (12:30 p.m. EST): Kathryn Robinson and Let It Bee

Keep refreshing and checking back for photos, social links and behind-the-scenes info. Go Eventing! 

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Saturday afternoon session order of go:

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 12.28.33 PM
Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 12.27.56 PM

Note from Leslie: If the live thread seems a bit discombobulated right now, please bear with us.

3:02 p.m.: What a day, huh? Highs (William Fox-Pitt’s emotional comeback), lows (stray 5.56mm assault rifle rounds) and everything in between. Thanks for sharing it with us, EN! Jenni will be along with her wrap-up report shortly. Until then…

2:54 p.m.: Elmo Jankari and Duchess Desiree (FIN)

Elmo Jankari and Duchess Desiree
11-year-old black Oldenburg mare owned by Aino and Elmo Jankari
BreedingDon Primero X Aronja, by Noble Roi xx; bred in Germany by Wilhelm Wehrmann
Recent Results: 5th, Wiesbaden CIC3*; 26th, Fontainebleau CICO3*
Key Facts: Elmo and Duchess Desiree won the Young Rider European Championships at Jardy in 2013 and went on to compete in their first senior championship at WEG in 2014. While they didn’t compete the cross country course in Normandy, they are back with a vengeance in their Olympic debut. They finished sixth in the CCI3* at Strzegom last year and have all the pieces to put in a solid performance in Rio.
FEI World Eventing Athlete Ranking: 252nd
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2:46 p.m.: Nicolas Wettstein and Nadeville Merze (ECU)

Nicolas Wettstein and Nadeville Merze
15-year-old bay Selle Francais gelding owned by Nicolas Wettstein and Monique Deyme
BreedingIf de Merze X Baronne de Chanes, by Maestro du Manoir; bred in France by Marc Dedeville
Recent Results: 29th, Saumur CIC2*; 6th, Barroca d’Alva CCI3*
Key Facts: Nicolas represented Ecuador at the 2014 WEG and competed in two Pan American Games; he now makes his Olympic debut. Born in Switzerland but with three different passports to his name, Nicolas represented Switzerland for 10 years before switching to ride for Ecuador in 2011. His mother, Monique Deyme, competed internationally in eventing in the 1980s and now runs the family’s Framoni Stud in France, which breeds the horses Nicolas competes. He rode his family’s homebred Nadeville Merze at WEG in 2010 and now makes his Olympic debut with “Nadou.”
FEI World Eventing Athlete Ranking: 402nd
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2:46 p.m.: Camilla Kruger and Biarritz (ZIM)

Camilla Kruger and Biarritz
10-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding owned by the Shamwari Syndicate
Breeding: Vancouver X Ninousch, by Epilot; bred in the Netherlands by J. Dijs
Recent Results: 3rd, Hopetoun CIC3*; 6th, Rockingham CIC2*
Key Facts: Camilla Kruger is the first-ever Zimbabwean to compete in an equestrian sport at the Olympic Games. She and Biarritz earned their ticket after finishing atop the FEI Olympic qualification standings for Africa and the Middle East. Based in the UK, they have had mixed fortunes on cross country over the past year, but their last outing before the Games was a positive one. At the Hopetoun CIC3* they added 14.8 cross country time penalties and zero jump faults to a dressage score of 49.3 to finish in third.
FEI World Eventing Athlete Ranking: 215th
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2:30 p.m.: Felix Vogg and Onfire (SUI)

Felix Vogg
 and Onfire

14-year-old bay Thoroughbred gelding owned by Danièle Vogg
BreedingHand In Glove X Latinana, by Le Bavard; bred in France by Nicole Bosuran
Recent Results: 27th, Luhmühlen CIC3*; 4th Baborowko CIC3*; 36th, Marbach CIC3*; 1st, Radolfzell CIC2*; 2nd, Kreuth CIC2*
Key Facts: Felix and Onfire have picked up a 20 here and there cross country this spring, but they almost always find the finish flags come hell or highwater, as they did at the 2014 WEG in Normandy albeit not without a couple hiccups along the way. We expect them to do the same in Rio. 
FEI World Eventing Athlete Ranking: 52nd
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2:22 p.m. Carlos Parro and Summon Up The Blood (BRA)

Carlos Parro and Summon Up The Blood
11-year-old bay Thoroughbred gelding owned by Carlos Parro and Nicola Tootle
Breeding: Red Ransom X Diddyman, by Revoque; bred in Ireland
Recent Results: 18th, Barbury Castle CIC3*; 10th, Ballindenisk CCI3*; 45th, Burnham Market CIC3*
Key Facts: “Bob” is one of three off-track Thoroughbreds competing in Rio (and there are four in all if you count Donner as the U.S. traveling reserve!). He raced 13 times, including three wins in 2008, and competed in Retraining of Racehorses classes in the UK before Carlos took him on in 2011. We love a good OTTB success story! They have since completed CCI3* events at Boekelo and Ballindenisk. Carlos first competed in the Olympic Games in 2000 at Sydney and returns after a 16-year hiatus with the Games in his home country. We’ll be cheering extra loudly for these two.
FEI World Eventing Athlete Ranking: 145th
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2:14 p.m. Clark Montgomery and Loughan Glen (USA)

Clark Montgomery and Loughan Glen
13-year-old bay Irish Sport Horse gelding owned by Jessica Montgomery, Kathryn Kraft, and Holly and Bill Becker
BreedingLimmerick x Tattymacall Mustard, by Cut the Mustard; bred in Ireland
Recent Results: 1st, Great Meadow CICO3*; 2nd, Bramham CIC3*; 9th, Chatsworth CIC3*; 17th, Belton CIC3*
Key Facts: There are only a handful of horses in the field that average a final finishing score in the 30s, and Clark and Loughan Glen are one of them. This pair poses a serious threat to take an individual medal, as they can dominate across all three phases with a low 30s dressage test and double clear jumping rounds.  “Glen” looks to be peaking at just the right time to deliver the performance of a lifetime in Rio, and we’ll be cheering them on the whole way.
FEI World Eventing Athlete Ranking: 69th
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2:06 p.m. Frida Andersen and Herta (SWE)

Frida Andersen and Herta
14-year-old Swedish Warmblood mare owned by Andersén Fälttävlanscentrum
Breeding: Cortus X Herica, by Krius xx; bred in Sweden by Andersén Fälttävlanscentrum
Recent Results: 1st, Strömsholm CIC2*; 3rd, Marbach CIC3*; 31st, Fontainebleau CIC3O3*-NC
Key Facts: Sweden is one of eight countries that will field full teams in all three Olympic equestrian disciplines, the others being Australia, Brazil, France, Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands and the United States. Rio will be the first Olympic Games for Frida and Herta, a pair that hasn’t had a cross country jump penalty at an FEI event since the horse’s first CCI1* in 2008. They won’t win the dressage and they tend to collect a rail or two in the show jumping, but their confirmed record cross country will make them an asset to their team, and the Olympic Games are a fitting feather in the hat of this long partnership.  
FEI World Eventing Athlete Ranking: 385th
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1:58 p.m. Michael Jung and Sam FBW (GER)

Michael Jung and La Biosthetique Sam FBW
16-year-old bay German Sport Horse gelding owned by Jung Family, Erich Single, Joachim Jung and DOKR
Breeding: Stan the Man xx X Halla, by Heraldik xx; bred in Germany by Günter Seitter
Recent Results: 6th, Aachen CICO3*; 1st, Badminton CCI4*; 1st, Fontainebleau CICO3*
Key Facts: This horse was not Michael’s first choice for Rio. I report: Michael did not want to take the reigning Olympic champion to Rio. But his hands were tied once fischerTakinou contracted a virus, and now we all wait with baited breath to see if Michael and Sam will join Charles Pahud de Mortanges and Marcroix and Mark Todd and Charisma as the third combination in Olympic history to take back-to-back gold medals. Can they do it? Considering Sam won Burghley last fall and Badminton this spring, which helped Michael become the second rider in history to take the Rolex Grand Slam, we say yes.
FEI World Eventing Athlete Ranking: 1st
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Michael Jung and Sam FBW. Photo © Hippo Foto - Dirk Caremans 06/08/16

Michael Jung and Sam FBW. Photo © Hippo Foto – Dirk Caremans

1:50 p.m. EST: Mark Todd and Leonidas II (NZL)

Mark Todd and Leonidas II
12-year-old bay Holsteiner gelding owned by Diane Brunsden, Peter Cattell and Mark Todd
BreedingLandos X Nairobi III, by Parco xx; bred in Germany by Gabriele Pochhammer
Recent Results: 26th, Barbury Castle CIC3*; 4th, Badminton CCI4*; 7th, Belton CIC3*
Key Facts: A true legend of the sport, Toddy will compete in his seventh Olympic Games in Rio, where he has the opportunity to add another individual gold medal to the two he already has to his name. He also rode Leonidas II in the last major championships for New Zealand at WEG in 2014, where they did not complete Pierre Michelet’s cross country course. Now they’re back to tackle another Pierre course in Rio. With top-10 finishes at both Burghley and Badminton in the last year, we like their chances.
FEI World Eventing Athlete Ranking: 6th
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1:26 p.m. EST: Tim Lips and Bayro (NED)

Tim Lips and Bayro
10-year-old grey Dutch gelding owned by Lips Stables, H.Meulendijks, C.v. Ham, N. v. Splunder, and W. Holvoet
Breeding: Casantos x Vanya, by Corland; bred in the Netherlands by H.W.J. van den Bosch
Recent Results: 3rd, Luhmühlen CIC3*; 6th, Marbach CIC3*
Key Facts: Tim makes his third Olympic appearance aboard Bayro and will look to best his previous top Olympic performance from 2008, when he finished 15th on Concrex Oncarlos. Bayro has emerged as Tim’s newest superstar, finishing seventh at Luhmühlen CCI4* and 11th at Pau CCI4* last year. These two are fully capable of finishing on a score in the low 40s and contributing to a top performance for the Dutch team, which won bronze at WEG 2014.
FEI World Eventing Athlete Ranking: 75th
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1:18 p.m. EST: William Fox-Pitt and Chilli Morning (GBR)

William Fox-Pitt and Chilli Morning
16-year-old chestnut Brandenburg stallion owned by Christopher Stone
BreedingPhantomic X Koralle, by Kolibri; bred in Germany by Rainer Schicketanz
Recent Results: 9th, Bramham CIC3*; 11th, Chatsworth CIC3*
Key Facts: One of the great comeback stories of this Olympic Games surely must be William’s battle to return to the top of the sport following his frightening fall at Le Lion d’ Angers last year. “Chilli” is no stranger to the upper echelons of the sport, having won individual bronze and team silver at WEG in 2014, as well as winning Badminton CCI4* last year. William makes his fifth Olympic appearance for Britain in Rio, and EN will be cheering loudly!
FEI World Eventing Athlete Ranking: 43rd
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William Fox-Pitt and Chilli Morning. Photo © FEI/Hippo Foto - Dirk Caremans.

William Fox-Pitt and Chilli Morning. Photo © FEI/Hippo Foto – Dirk Caremans.

1:10 p.m. EST: Evgeniya Ovchinnikova and Orion (RUS)

Evgeniya Ovchinnikova and Orion
10-year-old grey Halfbred gelding owned by Sergey Popov 
Breeding: Orion X Oktava, by Tsitr; bred in Russia
Recent Results: 3rd, Ratomka Minsk CIC3*
Key Facts: Eventing competition isn’t the stiffest in Russia; at Orion’s last FEI outing, the CIC3* at Ratomka Minsk, a dressage score of 46.9, 25.2 time faults cross country and 16 show jumping faults — a final score of 88.10 — was good enough for third place. That was their only spring FEI outing, and they retired cross country at their fall CCI3* at Vladikavkaz. They’ve had some solid results at the level, too, and will be looking to draw on those experiences and a bit of luck in Rio.
FEI World Eventing Athlete Ranking: 305th 
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1:02 p.m. EST: Chris Burton and Santano II (AUS)

Chris Burton and Santano II
9-year-old black Hanoverian gelding owned by the Black Run Syndicate
Breeding: Sandro Hit X Bona Dea II, by Brentano II; bred in Germany by Anni Woeste
Recent Results: 1st, Saumur CCI3*; 14th, Belton CIC3*; 35th, Burnham Market CIC3*
Key Facts: Chris returns to the Olympic stage for a second time in his career, having also represented Australia on the team that finished sixth in London in 2012. Santano II has far less experience than his rider, having only completed one CCI3* in his career at Saumur in May. But Santano II won it in style with the fastest cross country round of the day. With speed largely expected to play a key role on cross country in Rio, these two will be an important pair to watch.
FEI World Eventing Athlete Ranking: 2nd
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Chris Burton and Santano II. Photo © FEI/Hippo Foto - Dirk Caremans.

Chris Burton and Santano II. Photo © FEI/Hippo Foto – Dirk Caremans.

12:54 p.m. EST: Arianna Schivo and Querfira De L’Ormeau (ITA)

Arianna Schivo and Querfira De L’Ormeau
12-year-old bay Selle Francais mare owned by Arianna Schivo and Thomas Bouquet
BreedingIolisco de Quinhon X Isabella du Brulot, by Beausejour IV; bred in France by Alexandra Palardy
Recent Results: 25th, Fontainebleau CICO3*
Key Facts: These two made their team debut for Italy at least fall’s European Championships at Blair Castle, where they finished 28th with a clear cross country trip. Arianna and Querfira De L’Ormeau make their Olympic debut with plenty of experience, having completed four CCI4* events together. They finished seventh in the CCI3* at Ravenna last fall, plus delivered a very solid 23rd-place finish in a stacked Bramham CCI3* field last year, and definitely deserve to be in Rio.
FEI World Eventing Athlete Ranking: 409th
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12:46 p.m. EST: Clare Abbott and Euro Prince (IRE)

Clare Abbott and Euro Prince
13-year-old chestnut Irish Sport Horse gelding owned by Cormac McKay
Breeding: Lougheries Quiet Man X Miss Tullydraw; bred in Ireland by Cormac McKay
Recent Results: 6th, Tattersalls CIC3*; 11th, Belton CIC3*; 32nd, Fontainebleau CICO3*
Key Facts: Clare and Euro Prince made their team debut in the 2013 European Championships in Malmö in 2013 and went on to represent Ireland at the 2014 WEG, where they did not complete cross country. With two more years to polish their performance, they’ve emerged as a top combination for Ireland, completing both Badminton and Pau with fast and clear cross country rounds last year. Look for this pair to shine for Ireland in their Olympic debut.
FEI World Eventing Athlete Ranking: 105th
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12:38 p.m. EST: Karim Florent Laghouag and Entebbe de Hus (FRA)

Karim Florent Laghouag and Entebbe de Hus
11-year-old black Hanoverian stallion owned by Agnès Celerier and Michel Duros
Breeding: Embassy I X Cita, by Carbid; bred in Germany by ZG Horst and Jeannine Petersen
Recent Results: 3rd, Chatsworth CIC3*
Key Facts: This horse has been campaigned very lightly this season, but don’t think for a second this combination won’t be bringing their A-game in Rio. Karim and Entebbe de Hus are a formidable combination more than capable of delivering in all three phases. They finished fifth last fall in the horse’s CCI4* debut at Pau on a 42.3, and they are one of the combinations in the field who pose a threat to complete on a final score in the 30s. This horse is especially lovely on the flat — try to watch his dressage test if you can!
FEI World Eventing Athlete Ranking: 35th
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12:30 p.m. EST: Kathryn Robinson and Let It Bee (CAN)

Kathryn Robinson and Let It Bee
15-year-old black Westphalian gelding owned by Kathryn Robinson
Breeding: Lamerto H X Baroness, by Brentano II; bred in Germany by Hubert Brinkmann
Recent Results: 9th, Luhmühlen CIC3*; 37th, Badminton CCI4*; 7th, Barroca d’Alva CCI3*; 23rd, Barroca d’Alva CIC2*
Key Facts: Kathryn Robinson’s road to Rio has been a long one. Originally named to the team prior to the public announcement, she was bumped to the traveling reserve slot after Jessica Phoenix successfully appealed for a spot on the squad. When Selena O’Hanlon was forced to withdraw Foxwood High during Canadian team training camp, Kathryn was once again placed on the team. These two dazzled in dressage last year in their team debut for Canada at the Pan American Games before taking a tumble early on cross country, so Kathryn will be out to prove that she belongs on the world stage.
FEI World Eventing Athlete Ranking: 728th
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