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With the dawn of the New Year comes a new way to practice our fancy prancing – even for those of us stuck indoors in colder climates! is a brand new, innovative way for event and dressage riders in the U.S. and Canada to get professional feedback on their tests without breaking the bank or even leaving their home arena.

“Shows” are held at the end of each month – simply choose your test, ride and video it, and send it in with your entry. Your test will be scored and you’ll receive feedback from ‘r’ judges plus you’ll be in the running for ribbons and year-end prizes! Check it out!

National Holiday: National Rubber Ducky Day

U.S. Weekend Action:

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Saturday Links:

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Camarero, San Luis Rey Responders to Receive Special Eclipse Award

Ride The Moment On Cross-Country: Day 4 Of The USEF Emerging Athlete Eventing 25 Program Training Session

PODCAST: Erin Sylvester: 2017 Rebecca Broussard International Developing Rider Grant Winner

Zara Tindall On Four Key Figures That Helped Her Reach the Top of the Sport

Kicking Off the 2018 Season With Great Britain’s Emily King

10 Retired Racehorse Resources on

Saturday Video: Speaking of Zara Tindell…

The Queen Takes Her Grandchildren Riding – 1992

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