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Fence 16A the Mt. Fuji Drop. Photo by Sally Spickard.

Today is the day! Or, well, I guess tomorrow is the day if you’re in Japan and are reading this before you go to bed. We’ve really lost track of the concept of time over here, but we are 100% sure that wherever you are there are now less than 24 hours until cross country in Tokyo kicks off.

For handy reference, here are the XC ride times for the top five placed pairs and all North American based pairs in chronological order. There’s no time to waste in planning your watch parties now:

  • Oliver Townend & Ballaghmor Class (2nd): 7:48 am JST/11:48 pm BST/6:48 pm EDT/3:38 pm PDT
  • Doug Payne & Vandiver (30th): 7:51 am JST/11:51 pm BST/6:51 pm EDT/3:51 pm PDT
  • Alex Hua Tian & Don Geniro (3rd): 8:03 am JST/12:03 am BST/7:03 pm EDT/4:03 pm PDT
  • Julia Krajewski & Amanda de B’Neville (4th): 8:03 am JST/12:03 am BST/7:03 pm EDT/4:03 pm PDT
  • Colleen Loach & Qorry Blue d’Argouges (42nd): 8:33 am JST/12:33 am BST/7:33 pm EDT/4:33 pm PDT
  • Lauren Billys & Castle Larchfield Purdy (53rd): 8:39 am JST/12:39 am BST/7:39 pm EDT/4:39 pm PDT
  • Laura Collet & London 52 (5th-T): 9:00 am JST/1:00 am BST/8:00 pm EDT/5:00 pm PDT
  • Phillip Dutton & Z (16th): 9:03 am JST/1:03 am BST/8:03 pm EDT/5:03 pm PDT
  • Boyd Martin & Tsetserleg TSF (20th): 10:15 am JST/2:15 am BST/9:15 pm EDT/6:15 pm PDT
  • Tim Price & Vitali (5th-T): 10:45 am JST/2:45 am BST/9:45 pm EDT/6:45 pm PDT
  • Michael Jung & Chipmunk FRH (1st): 10:51 am JST/2:51 am BST/9:51 pm EDT/6:51 pm PDT

Here is the full cross country order of go and our global guide on how to watch.

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Saturday Links:
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