#TheTeaFromTokyo: Walk, Walk, Fashion Baby

Jonelle Price and Grovine de Reve. Photo by Sally Spickard.

And just like that, eventing at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics had started. If you’re the kind of lunatic who pulled a late one just to attempt to follow along with the first horse inspection (which had no live coverage or streaming, and was thus saved for the masses by our Sal’s live tweets), we salute you. If not, we commend your wise life choices and hope you might impart some of your sanity to us later this week, when we’ll surely need a top-up.

Want to catch up on what went down at the horse inspection, and check out some of Sally’s super shots? Head on over to the report, which is jam-packed with everything you need to know. Want to mercilessly tease the riders for their dodgy team outfits? Hold tight, because our Golden Chinch awards are on their way to you. In the meantime? Relive the whole experience through the eyes of the riders and their teams, with these bumper round-up of today’s social media from Tokyo:

All was a-flurry in the stables, as the grooms prepared their charges for the first inspection:

Okay, mostly all a-flurry. Felix Vogg’s Colero prioritised a few extra minutes of sleep, and we feel that: 

Australian sub Kevin McNab got ready for his first day of school – erm, the Olympic inspection: 

A very serious Ros Canter and Allstar B passed without hesitation:

And the USA’s Doug Payne and Vandiver made a strong entry in the Braids of the Day competition:

Okay, no, we need to look at those Aussie outfits again. Take it away, Andrew Hoy: 

Laura Collett and London 52 – the handsomest horse in the world – were accepted to begin their fight for gold: 

Team Thailand and Team Japan’s behind-the-scenes squad kept the morning sociable:

Sweden’s Louise Romeike and Cato 60 looked perfectly polished as always:

Oliver Townend and Ballaghmor Class win just about everything – but can they win gold in their Olympic debut? They can certainly try, after being accepted this morning:

Okay ONE MORE LOOK at those Aussies, because we cannot get enough:

Belarus’s Alexandr Zelenko had us all holding our breath when he was asked to trot again, but he was subsequently accepted (on the day after his birthday, no less!): 

China’s first-ever Olympic eventing team was accepted, helmed by Alex Hua Tian and Don Geniro, back to try to better their top-ten finish at Rio:

Britain’s Tom McEwen gives Toledo de Kerser – everyone’s favourite horse – a big pat: 

We’re getting NASA vibes with these USA trousers, but we’re kind of into it: 

Our boots-on-the-ground, Sally Spickard, snapped the jog and kept us all updated: 

Here’s another look at Belarus’s Alexandr Zelenko: 

It wasn’t all fun and games. We’re heartbroken for Canada’s Jessica Phoenix, who withdrew Pavarotti prior to the inspection, and Poland’s Pawel Spisak, who was spun with Banderas:

Spain’s Francisco Gavino Gonzalez made the best of the stress: 

The turnout was top notch:

I could look at this photo for hours and still not find the words to describe this extraordinary outfit: 

Dutch Olympian Tim Lips cheered on Team China, who he’s been instrumental in developing:

Team Ireland looked like they might be about to fight one another outside a JobCentre:

Sweden leaned in to the yellow trousers – but disappointing, neither Ludwig Svennerstal nor chef d’equipe Fred Bergendorff got involved: 

Lara de Liedekerke-Meier made sure Belgium stood out:

The commemorative People’s Princess team took revenge fashion to a whole new level:

Russia’s Mikhail Nastenko and Andrey Mitin posed for a snap in the cavernous main arena: 

London 52’s owners, Keith Scott and Karen Bartlett, made it to Tokyo:

The Hong Kong contingent look stylish:

Mind you, though, Tom Heffernan Ho gave off the vibe of a man who’s about to ghost you on Hinge: 

Team USA made sure everyone knew where they’d come from:

And Team GB planned their outfits so they don’t even need to get changed before they hit the gym:

The Dutch went all-out orange and…kind of smashed it, to be honest: 

Team Brazil kept it simple:

Team Japan looked seriously sharp in their crisp suits:

Phillip Dutton made the sure whole team – grooms, trainers, and all – got involved:

Boyd Martin tracked down McLain Ward for some extra jumping juju:

EquiRatings’ Diarm Byrne got a bit soppy from home: 

The Kiwis headed straight back to the schooling ring to prepare for tomorrow’s dressage:

And Germany continued their campaign of intimidation. How do they look cool and frightening in red and peach t-shirts?! It is a great unsolved mystery:

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