Throwback Thursday: And the Rider Is…

Welcome to Throwback Thursday! Each Thursday, we will be bringing you some vintage eventing photos and posts. Do you want to show us your first horse or a photo of your early riding days? Email [email protected].

Photos by Jenni Autry. Photos by Jenni Autry.

How did you fare in this week’s guessing game? We sure are glad these little ones kept riding! Our question is, did the ground mounting skills carry over to today?

The riders pictured below are…

We're not sure what's better: the self-assured ground mounting or the cat wrangling.

We’re not sure what’s better: the self-assured ground mounting or the cat wrangling.

Doug and Holly Payne! Doug and his sister, Holly, are longtime friends of EN, and we were thrilled to share this vintage photo. The pony, Popcorn, seems like a solid citizen and Patches the cat appears to be tolerating Holly’s affection quite well.

Doug also has a new book forthcoming called The Problem Horse Repair Manual. Doug has worked hard on this book, and it contains much helpful information on producing the best horse with what you are given, even the “troubled” ones. Doug is well known as a problem-solver when it comes to horses, so we are eager to learn more from him. You can read more and pre-order a copy of your own here. The book is set to come out right around Rolex time this year.

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