Throwback Thursday: Guess the Famous Face

Welcome to Throwback Thursday! Each Thursday, we will be bringing you some vintage eventing photos and posts. Do you want to show us your first horse or a photo of your early riding days? Email [email protected]

Guess who! Guess who!

We’ve got a special one for you this week, EN. OK, maybe I say that every week. This week’s Throwback Thursday subject is not actually a rider, but he can be found at countless events all along the East Coast during the season. Well known for his sense of humor as well as his wonderful contribution to the eventing world, we just had to give a shout out. He could most recently be spotted at Carolina International.

So, did I give you enough hints? Here’s one more: Many of you may not have seen his face before, but I guarantee that you’ve seen plenty of his work. Happy guessing!

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