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"Whee!!! Snow Day!"

Nyls says, “Whee!!! Snow Day!”

Yesterday Nyls enjoyed the rarity of snow accumulation in central Virginia, and as I watched him gallop around bucking and farting like a four year old hooligan, I thought to myself, “Man, wouldn’t it be nice to be this excited just about a little snow?” Sometimes, horses remind you of your inner child, and they keep you silly, which is a good thing. Even as serious competitors, it’s nice to know that pure joy and happiness can be found in the smallest of things, and not every day has to be a work day. Never fear though, I’m headed to Aiken and there will be no more snow play days for the ponies!!

Events This Weekend:

Rocking Horse Winter I HT [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Website]

Full Gallop January HT [Entry Status] [Website]

News From Around The Globe:

You’ve heard all the fuss about the new Carolina International CIC3*, but what’s really important is that they are dedicating a jump complex to Zoe DiGiovanni, who passed away late last year in a tragic riding accident. After talking with Zoe’s mom, Maria, Jane Murray, and the course designer for the Carolina Horse Park’s current jump removations, it has been decided which jump to develop in Zoe’s honor. Zoe’s jump will be the bank/mound complex, which is to be redesigned and completed in time for the CIC***. It was chosen because it is a permanent jump right in the middle of a lot of the action and there will be options for every level. Now is the part where all of us come in. We need to fund raise to allow this jump complex to be created and for a plaque to be placed to commemorate Zoe’s life. There will be a dedication time during the CIC***. Donations are appreciated in any amount and please send them to me, Amy Bresky at 3403 Youngs Rd., Southern Pines, NC 28387 or drop them off at the farm. Please make checks out to the Carolina Horse Park, mark on the check Zoe’s Jump, and the funds will be used specifically for this purpose. Please feel free to send this post far and wide, so we can make Zoe’s jump extra special, like she was. Thanks in advance to all!

The Blood Horse picked up on the interest surrounding none other than Phillip Dutton and Icabad Crane, a story we previously reported earlier this week. Racing fans will be excited to know that the famed racehorse is transitioning well into his new sport, and even more important, Eventing is officially a fun and entertaining sport to follow. At least Icabad isn’t doing something boring with his second career! [No Headless Horsemen Here!]

Thirty-eight books every horseman should have. 

How important is conformation when choosing a horse? Just as top human athletes possess certain body types that grant them athletic prowess, a well-balanced horse has smoother gaits and is better able to perform athletic maneuvers. Being structurally correct also greatly increases the horse’s likelihood of staying sound when his body is subjected to repeated concussive forces. The Horse has the answers to all your questions. [Evaluating Conformation]




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