Tuesday News & Notes from Legends Horse Feed

Posted by Eiren Crawford on Sunday, September 19, 2021

Some days, it’s just not your day.

National Holiday: It’s National IT Professionals Day. Um, thanks to Blake, I guess.

News & Notes from Around the World:

Eventing Nation is proud to partner with the Maryland 5 Star to produce a Digital Program & Form Guide that will feature all the information you need to know, right at your fingertips and free to access. We’ll also be including a Deal Book with discounts and deals from both on-site vendors as well as other brands. Do you want to include your brand or product? Email me at [email protected].

If you were watching Aachen over the weekend, you might have spotted two unfamiliar faces on the New Zealand team. But pay close attention to Tayla Mason and Madison Crowe: they’re getting set to do some seriously big things. [Debutants Star at Aachen]

Are you waiting on tenterhooks for the new Downton Abbey film, set for release early next year? Whet your whistle with this interview with actor Michael Fox, who plays footman Andy — and previously evented at the lower levels himself, before passing the ride on his horse SRS Kan Do over to pro Kylie Roddie. [Downton Abbey star and eventing owner Michael Fox: ‘I’m waiting for a job where I can ride on screen!’]

Want to be more like Ingrid? (Don’t we all?!) Learn the piece of advice that’s impacted her most, her idea of a perfect day off, and more. [5 Things You Didn’t Know About Ingrid Klimke]

Olympic gold and silver-medallist Tom McEwen knows a thing or two about dissecting a cross-country course. Make your next course walk a winning one with his super advice. [Olympic Team Gold and Individual Silver Medallist Tom McEwen’s Top Tips For Cross-Country Course Walking]

Fancy treating yourself? Look, it’s been a long, hard week already, and you deserve a little retail therapy. Luckily, SmartPak has a seriously good array of special offers on at the moment, but they won’t last forever, so check them out now.

Listen: Ever wonder what it’s like keeping horses in other parts of the world? Head to Kenya to find out with the Pony Podcast.

Watch: “Stop what you are doing and watch this adorable helmet cam of our daughter and her pony flower We watched our daughter Keira’s helmet cam while eventing at Loch Moy and we were not expecting this!! We knew Keira was very vocal with her horse and had a special bond but we did not know to the extent that she was interacting with her pony …. especially during competitions! Watch the whole video to see some genuinely beautiful and hilarious moments between a little girl and her pony!”