Tuesday Video from SpectraVET: Keep Your Distance to Keep It Safe

Hunting vicariously through the UK’s Pearson Eventing is one of our favorite off-season pastimes here at EN — we posted another of Alice’s always-thrilling helmet cam videos just weeks ago. So it was with a sharp inhale that we learned she and her horse Chocky took a tumble while out with Ledbury last week.

The fall takes place about 2:25 minutes in:

Alice was checked out by paramedics, having been knocked unconscious briefly, but both horse and rider are thankfully alright. From Horse & Hound’s follow-up on the incident, however, it was clear that the outcome could have been much worse.

From H&H:

“The accident was also caught on camera by photographer Viki Ross and several horses can be seen landing inches from Alice and Chocky… Alice is now warning others to take care not over-crowd fences out hunting, to avoid a more serious accident in the future.”

Advice worth heeding! Keeping your distance isn’t just a courtesy — it helps keep everyone safe.

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