USEA’s Top 10 ‘Nailed It’ Instagram Pics of 2015

You can tell when a rider knows they just had the ride of a lifetime — it’s written all over their face!

Throughout last year the USEA did a bang-up job of capturing those moments at events around the country and sharing them with us via Instagram. It’s impossible not to look at these photos and not feel a pang of joy well up in your own heart.

We rounded up our top 10 favorites. Have a look and be sure to follow the USEA on Instagram at useventing.

Lisa Barry gives F.I.S. Prince Charming a big hug after their first 4* test #USEA #rk3de

A photo posted by @useventing on

Laine Ashker moves into 2nd place with Anthony Patch on a 44.2! #USEA #rk3de A photo posted by @useventing on

William Fox-Pitt scored a 38.5 on Bay My Hero! #USEA #rk3de A photo posted by @useventing on

Photo or no photo, those moments will be branded in their memories forever.

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