Volunteer Nation: 5 Events to Help This Weekend

It’s never too early to start planning ahead – just ask any event organizer who works tirelessly to coordinate each detail of running an event. North America’s (and the world’s) newest five-star, the Maryland 5 Star, happening October 14 through 17, is recruiting volunteers early.

Calling all Volunteers!👋 Volunteer captain positions for the inaugural Maryland 5 Star at Fair Hill are available NOW!📆…

Posted by Maryland 5 Star on Friday, April 2, 2021

There is much to be excited for in terms of the Maryland 5 Star, and an all-star crew of supporters and team members are dedicated to creating an excellent experience for all (including, maybe, some spectators). If you’d like to get right up close to the action this fall, sign up now to volunteer. You can learn more info here.

We’ve compiled some resources on volunteering with COVID-19 regulations in mind. We’ll reference this list each week in Volunteer Nation, so take a few moments to familiarize yourself with what’s new and different.

COVID-19 Resources for Eventers
Volunteers Adapt to the New Normal
Volunteers Weigh In on New COVID-19 Protocols

As always, you can earn merit points when you donate your time through the USEA’s Volunteer Incentive Program. Registering to volunteer through EventingVolunteers.com makes it easy and seamless to both find a job and shift as well as learn what your role will entail.

Here’s a look at the positions still available as of publication time at events this weekend:


Event: Twin Rivers Spring International
Dates: Thursday, April 8 through Sunday, April 11
Address: 8715 N River Rd, Paso Robles, CA, 93446
Positions Available: XC Jump Judge, Dressage Score Runner, Dressage Scribe, Dressage Steward, XC Jump Videographer, SJ In-Gate, SJ Warm-up, Vet Box Scribe, Jog Steward

Event: CDCTA Spring H.T.
Dates: Saturday, April 10 through Sunday, April 11
Address: 927 Kimble Road, Berryville, VA, 22611
Positions Available: Event Prep – Dressage, Event Prep – General, Temperature/Waiver Checker, SJ Jump Crew

Event: Fair Hill International and H.T.
Dates: Thursday, April 8 through Monday, April 12
Address: 4640 Telegraph rd, Elkton, MD, 21921
Positions Available: Event Prep – XC, Event Prep – General, Dressage Score Runner, Event Prep – SJ, Stable Manager, Temperature/Waiver Checker, XC Jump Judge, Hospitality Helper, Floater, Office Help, SJ Jump Crew, Event Takedown – Dressage, Event Takedown – XC

Event: Spring Bay H.T.
Dates: Saturday, April 10 through Sunday, April 11
Address: Masterson Station Park, Iron Works Pike, Lexington, KY, 40511
Positions Available: Dressage Warm-up, Scorers, Hospitality Helper, SJ Jump Crew, SJ Timer, XC Score Runner

Event: Majestic Oaks Schooling
Dates: Saturday, April 10
Address: 17500 N US Highway 441, Reddick, FL, 32686
Positions Available: XC Score Runner, Dressage In-Gate, Dressage Score Runner, Hospitality Steward, General Help