Vote for the Perfect Rolex Outfit

The wine has been drunk. The chinchillas have spoken. The finalists have been selected. Five Eventing Nation readers are one step closer to the buttery leather of a brand new pair of Dubarrys.

Now, it’s your turn. You have the power to help fulfill a fellow reader’s footwear dreams (alas, not the Cinderella-with-Prince-Coleman one) by voting for which ensemble you feel is the Best Rolex Outfit.

Help make one reader very, very happy by voting here.

The winner will be announced April 23.

Even with my math deficiencies, which make my attempts at taxes and counting strides equally frightening to watch, I can figure out that the chances are that you’re not one of the five finalists.

But that’s OK.

After a dip in the box of wine, a well-informed chinchilla was heard muttering about another chance to win a pair of Dubarrys. He also slurred something about a kitty riding a Rolex horse, but we’re quite sure that was the cheap merlot talking.

Stay tuned.

And go vote!


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