Vote for Your Favorite Rolex Ticket Art, Presented by Tipperary

Photo by Lenore Threlkeld. Photo by Lenore Threlkeld.

We asked you to come with a creative, EN style way to show off your Rolex tickets for a chance to win a T-series helmet from Tipperary, and you certainly delivered! We can tell you’re all itching to get to Rolex as much as Chinch is hankering for a William Fox-Pitt autograph.

It was a tough job, but we’ve narrowed the field down to five finalists, and we need your help deciding on the winner! Check out our finalists below and cast your vote for the winner. Voting will end on Friday, April 3 at 5 p.m. EST, and we’ll announce the winner in Saturday’s News & Notes.

Happy voting, and good luck to our finalists!

Kerry Parker:

Submitted by Kerry Parker.

Submitted by Kerry Parker.

Susanne Lamborn:

Submitted by Susanne Lamborn.

Submitted by Susanne Lamborn.

Dawn Briand:

Submitted by Dawn.

Submitted by Dawn Briand.

Audra Alland:

Submitted by Audra A.

Submitted by Audra Alland.

Anna Suhl: 

Submitted by Anna Suhl.

Submitted by Anna Suhl.