Waredaca Is Open; Enter But DON’T Include Payment at This Time

So much is up in the air right now, and Waredaca Horse Trials (May 30-31 in Gaithersburg, Maryland) has issued the following statement about their upcoming event:

“Our event opened this week and quite honestly, we at Waredaca are as unclear as the rest of the population as to what is likely to occur next, as we all work together to conquer this virus and find out how our ‘normal’ is to be defined.

“We are looking forward to the next time we can host our event, especially with so many changes to share—Jeff Kibbie as our course designer, new logistics, improved warm up areas and the inclusion of our new DRESSAGE TEST OF CHOICE!! Now, have the opportunity to ‘practice’ a test before doing your competition ride! Further details in our Omnibus listing.

“Trying to remain optimistic and positive, we are accepting entries but DO NOT INCLUDE PAYMENT at this time. We have a great group of people at Waredaca, who could pull off running a proper event if we have 2 weeks of prep time. Our decision to run or cancel will depend on the directives of the USEA, USEF and our Governor, since Maryland is still under a State of Emergency, and what we feel is the ‘right’’ decision for everyone.

“To us, it seems that there still is much that remains unsettled and uncertain. While wanting to offer you the opportunity to compete, the safety and health of our personnel and everyone else remains foremost. We will not put you or our people at risk.

“Realistically, it feels that end of May is too soon. But expect a decision from us no later than May 15. And if we do not see you the end of May, we look forward to hopefully seeing everyone in Mid-August!

“Gretchen, Steph, Robert and the Waredaca staff”

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