Wednesday News & Notes from Haygain

I know, I know — you weren’t really expecting to see a random movie poster as the lead to today’s News & Notes. But, I have a fun fact to go along with it: the newest addition to the Predator franchise (though you don’t have to have been a Predator fan to enjoy this new movie), Prey, was edited by amateur eventer Angela Catanzaro! Angela’s been sharing some of her work on her social media (talk about a cool gig!), and this movie marks one of her proudest accomplishments. Notable for this movie is its entirely-Indigenous cast and the availability of a Comanche language dub for the film. This article on Screen Rant provides some great background on the efforts that were made to properly represent the Comanche. It’s a good movie — I thoroughly enjoyed it despite the fact I wouldn’t call myself a Predator fan, plus I’m always interested in work that a fellow eventer does!

Naturally, my curiosity got the better of me and I’ve actually wound up on a very random cross country school with Angela before, so I reached out to her and she’s agreed to do a profile on her work-horse balance — stay tuned for that in the coming weeks!

U.S. Weekend Preview

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Wednesday News & Reading

We’re keeping you in the loop on all things Pratoni as the FEI World Championships for Eventing loom closer. Be sure you’ve bookmarked our Ultimate Guide to FEI World Championships for all the latest coverage, and stay tuned for sign-ups to our free Pratoni Daily Digest coming soon!

If you’ve ever experienced the heart failure that accompanies a close call involving a phone and a horse show porta-potty, you’ll certainly want to help Carolina Horse Park raise funds for permanent bathrooms! The 2022 Envelope Challenge benefitting the Park’s “Fund a Potty” Project is now live and available for participation until September 30. Donors can “purchase” envelopes of different values, contributing towards the overall fundraising goal of $225,000. [Play the Envelope Challenge]

Team USA rider Tamie Smith has two staples in her arsenal when it comes to producing young horses. Her focus on each horse as an individual has lead to much success in building relationships, but that isn’t the only thing that’s important in her program. [More on how Tamie trains young horses]

I’m not going to lie, I’ve begun following show jumping a bit more closely because I am positively obsessed with newly-crowned World Champion King Edward. Also a team gold medalist in Tokyo, King Edward has done the #SuperSwedes proud — and he’s done much of it without shoes. In fact, rider Henrik von Eckermann calls the choice to remove King Edward’s shoes a game changer. [Read more about King Edward’s journey to world champion]

Been thinking of investing in a Haygain Forager? Here’s your sign! Haygain is offering a “buy more, save more” sale through Monday, August 29 on the popular slow-feed option, making it the perfect time to outfit multiple horses or an entire barn. [Shop the sale]

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Wednesday Video Break

A throwback compilation from the 2019 MARS Great Meadow: