Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Devon Arena Eventing with Doug Payne

Doug Payne had two rides in the Devon Horse Show’s inaugural arena eventing class, held under the lights on Sunday night in Devon Horse Show’s legendary Dixon Oval.

Flagmount’s Mischief, a 10-year-old Irish Sport Horse mare (Flagmount’s Freedom X Devious Princess) owned by Doug and Jessica Payne and Brad and Robbie Peterson, advanced to the jumpoff. Their otherwise swift, neat round was marred only by a rail at the triple bar, but it was good enough for a fifth place finish and $3,500 in prize money.

Getaway, a 10-year-old Oldenburg by Contendro owned by Lisa Wall, finished in a tie for 13th. This horse placed 2nd in the Ocala CCI2* in April and is certainly one to watch.

If you missed it, check out EN’s full report on the class here.


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