Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Fun with Flooded Arenas

One man’s flooded arena is another man’s water training gift from above — especially if that man (or woman) is an eventer.

A year or two ago a video was circulating around of Olympic, World Equestrian Games and European Championships Gold Medalist Ingrid Klimke schooling a baby event prospect around a flooded arena. (A German journalist/Ingrid acquaintance later explained to me that it had been flooded on purpose to improve the footing, the mechanics of which I don’t understand, but that’s the backstory in case you were curious.)

In any case it’s an interesting video; you can see the 3-year-old gaining confidence as he goes, and as for introducing a greenie to the splish-splash of water it doesn’t get much ideal that that!

We follow Fine Fellow: Folge 17Fröhliches Aquatraining! Ingrid Klimke und ihr Youngster Fine Fellow beim Wassertreten im Dressurviereck.

Posted by pferdia tv on Monday, August 4, 2014

I was reminded of the Ingrid footage when I saw a video of Doug Payne riding some up-and-coming eventers around a rather underwater course at the PSJ Aiken Winter Classic II in Aiken last weekend. Conditions aren’t always going to be perfect, but so long as the arena base is firm a few puddles never hurt anyone and may actually be good practice! Doug’s mounts keep their eye on the prize and undoubtedly left the show a bit more seasoned than they arrived.

Doug won the 1.10-meter class on Flagmount’s  Mischief, owned by Robbie Peterson, who made his Prelim debut at Morven Park in October.

He also placed 4th in the class on Galaxie, owned by Lanier McRee.

When nature hands you lemon, make lemonades! Go Eventing.